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Dr. Waldo, brings new perspectives for integrative health, wellness and prosperity, for individuals and communities. A Physician, Ayurvedic Consultant, and Integrative Wellness advocate, as well as a Futurist and Independent Scholar in social sciences, human behavior and social advancement, he has helped others take charge of their life and attain balance, and self realization through empowerment. He views individuals through the Mind-Body-Spirit model, with a strong conviction that everyone can ...

Dr. Castro's performance in all of the professional functions – both instructional and otherwise – that he has been asked to discharge and that I have had an opportunity to observe is both a pleasure as well as an inspiration to behold. In particular, his degree of rapport and the effectiveness of his instruction with his students and listeners is noteworthy as is his ability to enliven any topic he is asked to address. He is possessed of a very pleasant and engaging speaking voice, and his personal presence and style of presentation have always been perfectly matched to his theme and his listeners. I emphatically and unhesitatingly recommend him for any position that your organization may have available for one of his background and proficiencies.

Mr. Courson
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