Dr. Waldo Castro Bio

Dr. Waldo, brings new perspectives for integrative health, wellness and prosperity, for individuals and communities. A Physician, Ayurvedic Consultant, and Integrative Wellness advocate, as well as a Futurist and Independent Scholar in social sciences, human behavior and social advancement, he has helped others take charge of their life and attain balance, and self realization through empowerment. He views individuals through the Mind-Body-Spirit model, with a strong conviction that everyone can achieve their full potential, if they allow themselves to break away from preconceived patterns. In his engaging and transformative style, Dr.Waldo provides audiences with uplifting resources and a new perspective for a fulfilled life.

Dr. Waldo has lived abroad and traveled extensively, opportunities he has harnessed to understand what moves people, their desires, and how they perceive happiness, success and wellness. He now shares with others his understanding that our basic motivators are pretty similar, regardless of our origin. Our potential for wellness and prosperity is all within, and that our physical, mental and spiritual spheres can be balanced and put to work for us to reach our highest and wildest dreams.

Dr. Waldo holds degrees in Medicine from the National Autonomous University School of Medicine, Mexico. He is certified in Ayurvedic Health and Wellnes Counseling and a Post Graduate Diploma in Ayurveda (Vedic Sciences) from SAI Ayurvedic College, a NAMA Certified Institution. He is a Reiki Master in the Usui Lineage and a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Meidicine. He conducts integrative R&D and consulting in Ayurevdic products and resources for both physical and emotional well being. As a Social Entrepreneur, he developed SIMA an integrative healthcare system for the uninsured in Mexico City, working closely with the Office of the Governor. Has colaborated with varied organizations internationally in diverse areas to promote a better life for individuals and communities and for social and economic advancement, through empowerment and the development of leadership skills. His consulting at the corporate level, has been instrumental in the improvement of work environments (happier people), interpersonal relations and productivity.
Driven by his experience and positive views for the future Dr. Waldo co-founded Together We Can Initiative, to launch in early 2014, with a vision of serving to empower all for their advancement, in a gratifying and prosperous life, through a renewed sense of cooperation among individuals and communities. His keen insight on the restorative effects that awakening our innate desire to care for one another can bring to our future in all areas, is shared with his audiences, providing unique tools and an uplifting perspective for life.
Dr. Waldo is an International speaker, with extensive experience in lectures, seminars, workshops, and keynotes. A published author, in Internal Medicine Clinics, La Salle University, has written numerous essays, collaborates in print and digital media, has hosted 'The Dr. Waldo Show' on radio and has appeared on numerous occasions in radio and TV as Co-Host, and guest alike. He collaborates with PESI/CMI in continuing education for CEUs in the health field.

Dr. Waldo lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and children