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The Role of Failure on the Path to Greatness

By Nicole Malachowski
Colonel Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.)was the first female Thunderbird pilot and the first woman to fly on any Department of Defense military jet demonstration team. Nicole followed her career as a pilot with high-level assignments in the White House. The path to achieving extraordinary accomplishments is never without obstacles. Nicole faced her share, and tells us about one of them here. I'd wanted to be a fighter pilot from the time I was 5 years old. My parents took our family to ...
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Inspired Leadership

By Eric Boles
One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to get results from the team. The leader may have great ideas, a lot of hustle and successes in their past, but by definition, a leader takes a team from point A to point B-whatever those two may be. So, what does it take to inspire a team and get them moving in the desired direction? In order for the leader to inspire the team, he/she needs to be inspired. The word inspire means to breathe life into another. Consider the way the sail on a sailboat waits to ...
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What's Your Next Growth Move?

By Michelle Poler
Without even noticing it, many of our actions are dictated by others' expectations. By paying close attention to the behavior of people around me, I realized that our needs not only motivate us like Abraham Maslow once said, but they also limit us. They limit our growth, our potential, our authenticity. In efforts to satisfy our socio-psychological needs, we are limiting ourselves in countless ways. After finishing my project, 100 Days Without Fear, I've dedicated my life to the study of fear. I started ...

AI: Is Your Industry at Risk?

By Maricris Nonato
The AI is coming. For our jobs. For our way of life. Depending on what you read, they will either make our lives better (yes please!) or decide we need to be exterminated (and who could blame them?). It's a tough question to answer with a lot of gray area. How much is your industry at risk? Well, now there is a question we can answer Machines, you see, are really good at processing data. So any job that can be reduced to data can be performed by machines. Think about driving a car: This activity has been ...
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Six Behavior Changes to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

By Bill Benjamin
Research at the Harvard Business School has shown that Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-the ability to manage our own emotions and connect to the emotions of others-counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be successful in their career and in life. This is true if you are a CEO, the VP of Sales or Finance, or an individual contributor. So how do you develop your emotional intelligence? For our New York Times bestselling book, ...

Bringing Innovation to Innovation (In Your Meeting)

By Maricris Nonato
How can your event bring clarity, focus and practicality to your organization's innovation agenda? As someone who has worked in the innovation field for some thirty years, I can say with authority that this challenge is daunting. Innovation is one of the most commonly used, yet most poorly understood, words in the management lexicon. It has been stretched to fit a bewildering variety of meanings-design thinking, entrepreneurship, creativity, disruption all come to mind. And the ...

Last Minute Crisis Prevention Checklist for a Very Important Meeting

By Maricris Nonato
Reposted with permission from Kristin Arnold (original article). You can download and print this checklist here. You've prepared for an important meeting. The agenda has been sent out to all the participants and you're ready to rock 'n roll…or are you? Before you leave your office, use this handy checklist to make sure you have thought through all the details to leading or facilitating an extraordinarily productive meeting: Room Tables - Is this a quick stand-up ...
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Disrupt Yourself Before Someone Else Does

By Dr. Kevin Freiberg
The status quo doesn't give in easily. It's designed to protect itself. It wields fear as one of its most powerful weapons. Disruption rarely comes from within because incumbents are held hostage by fear-by the old ways of doing things. The result is mimicry-half-hearted, not-quite-there, me-too products and services. It's hardly a recipe for growth. When you stop bringing something fresh and exciting to the game, the game is over. Outsiders compete differently. They don't care about the ...

Event Sponsorship Built on Attendee Mattering

By Maricris Nonato
Let's begin with a tough truth:Many sponsorships don't matter to attendees. Will that sponsor logo on the hotel key card impact a future purchase decision? Does anyone pay much attention to inserts stuffed in conference bags? Are attendees wishing for a longer sponsor pitch at your Opening General Session? These and other sponsorship misfires happen regularly at conferences and trade shows. Though well intended, conference organizers shine far too much light on logo noise and promotions, ...

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