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Ross Shafer

Hilarious Motivator and Change Expert

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About Ross Shafer

Six-Time Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Network TV Host and Best-Selling Business Author of 10 Books on Reinvention and Resilience.

With more than 35 years of experience in show business and media, the six-time Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, and former network TV host Ross Shafer is also a man who simultaneously began his business career at the age of 21. He subsequently rescued 23 different companies from bankruptcy and resold them.

Ross’s peculiar combination of experience led to his ...

I can't express enough the positive impact Ross had on the group today. His presentation was outstanding! His unique ability to deliver such a dynamic message in that casual manner it truly unbelievable.

Tim Devine, Director of Sales - Hyundai

We got comments like, "Ross Shafer was a great speaker, very real in his approach," "Ross Shafer was very inspirational and gave me some ideas for personal improvement toward the customer experience that I will definitely explore."

Ms. Jittaun Phillips, Sr. Meeting Planner - Wells Fargo Bank

Ross did a great job and the feedback so far has been terrific! His ability to adjust on the fly is truly incredible and he is such a smart man!

Karen Ricci, Special Events Manager - Motorola, Inc.

Ross Shafer was an 'Over the Fence Home Run!' He was very well received, so much so that many attendees said he was the best speaker they ever had. His delivery was spot-on, entertaining, and funny as well.

Steve Rossi, Vice President, Communications - Honeywell Fire Systems

We've hired Ross 17 years in a row because he gets us, engineers. He makes us laugh. He makes us think. His razor-sharp wit can overcome any last-minute quirk. Why would we hire anyone else?

American Engineering Intl. Awards Committe.

Overwhelming Feedback! Ross is a true PRO who delivers in a funny way that engages the audience.

Bradford White Corporation
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