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Blasting the 'Skeptic Environmentalist'

By Andrew Winston
The following column by Andrew Winston was originally posted at The Huffington Post. This weekend, the New York Times gave Bjorn Lomborg -- the self-proclaimed "skeptical environmentalist" -- more air time. Lomborg wrote an op-ed that railed against those who want to cut greenhouse gas emissions dramatically. He offered his opinion on a better solution: "make low-carbon alternatives like solar and wind energy competitive with old carbon sources." As usual, Lomborg sets up a false straw-man to knock down. He says "we are often ...
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Sanders Lauds Oprah's 'Responsible' Decision

By Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders gave glow approval of Oprah Winfrey's decision to cancel a show about the Columbine School massacre. Oprah said that the show, which would mark the tenth anniversary of the shootings, "focused too much on the killers." Sanders, a bestselling author and former Yahoo! executive, wrote on his blog, Sanders Says, that the media monolith made the right decision. "Oprah gets it," he wrote. "Shes my media hero. I wish cable [networks] and NBC were as responsible. "Heres my point of view: ...
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Huckabee on Cover of 'WORLD' Magazine

By Gov Mike Huckabee
WORLD magazine is providing readers a day-in-the-life look at Gov. Mike Huckabee. The evangelical publication followed the former presidential candidate around as he prepared to shoot an episode of his Fox New Channel talk show, Huckabee. (That week's guest was country legend Willie Nelson.) Here's an excerpt of the Q&A portion: WORLD: If John McCain had stood up against TARP last year, do you think he would be president? HUCKABEE: I think he might have been. I do believe the turning point in ...
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Is Obama 'Dressing Up Socialism'?

By Dick Morris
Socialism is coming, warns Dick Morris. The Republican strategist wrote on that President Obama's plan to convert government stock in the country's banks from preferred stock to common stock would result in the federal government have a controlling voice these banks. "And whoever controls the banks controls the credit and, therefore, the economy," he wrote. "That's called socialism." Preferred stock generally does not contain voting rights, while common stock does. "With bank profits up and ...

Inside the New Premiere Office!

By Duane Ward
Premiere Speakers recently moved into a new office that we're thrilled about. It's just a few blocks down the road from our old office, but it's a big step forward. We feel at home here already! Our new address is as follows: 109 International Drive, Suite 300 Franklin, TN 37067 Here's a quick look inside our new HQ:
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VIDEO: Interview with Friend of the Columbine Killers

By Gov Mike Huckabee
To mark the tenth anniversary of the school shooting at Columbine High School, Mike Huckabee interviewed Brooks Brown, who was a friend of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, on the latest episode of Fox News Channel's Huckabee. It's a sobering and heartfelt interview that speaks for itself.
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In Defense of Meetings

By Ben Stein
A few weeks ago, Ben Stein wrote a column for Yahoo! Finance in which he-among other things-defended corporate travel and meetings. They are, he wrote, a necessary and fruitful part of building prosperity. So, go ahead and book your next event. Ben says its OK. Read below: In Biblical times, the Pharisees were a class of people who claimed superior religious and sacred status by virtue of their modest living and supposed lack of ostentation. Jesus railed against them as hypocrites because while they claimed to be ...
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Cavuto Talks Susan Boyle & Capt. Phillips

By Neil Cavuto
Over the last week, Scottish singer Susan Boyle and American Captain Richard Phillips have inspired people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Fox News' Neil Cavuto recently said that they were both heroes in their own right and said that everyday heroes are all are us. Watch below: Cavuto can be seen weekdays on FNC's Your World with Neil Cavuto, and he is available to speak at your next event about economics, politics, current events and more. To find out how to bring him to your next event, ...
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Crises Calls for Critical Choices

By John Maxwell
The following is excerpted from John Maxwell's blog, John Maxwell on Leadership: With the economy in its current state, it seems like every time we turn around, a new crisis appears. Bank failures, home foreclosures, business ventures reluctantly abandoned. In times like these, good leadership is especially critical. I recently addressed this in a session for the Maximum Impact program, which will be available in October. One of the things I talked about was decision-making during a crisis. Here are ...
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11 Criteria Of Top Producing Sales Reps - Part 2

By Dirk Beveridge
The following is the part two of a two-part series from author and business consultant Dirk Beveridge and was originally posted on his blog, Driving Sales Beyond. Click here to read part one. On Monday in our post titled What Separates Top Producing Sales Reps From The Others? Part I, we listed the first five of eleven. The first five criteria were: Have clearly defined expectations Have a plan and strategy for maximizing territory potential Understand the customer's needs and business ...

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