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Steve Beecham is the "real deal." It is so refreshing to have someone sincere that wants to truly help others succeed. Learning to really "go deep" and to help others with no strings attached is a refreshing way to do business.
Cindy Bowers - Solid Source Realty
Steve Beecham did an incredible job and gave us insight on branding yourself and owning your personal market, or being your home town Mayor. I have already received 5 emails from last night of praise for Mr. Beecham.
Scott A. Smith, CLF, Certified PPACA Consultant State Sales Coordinator - Aflac Georgia Northeast
Steve's approach to referrals and growing our business is a great message regardless of where you are in your career. It also gave our BOAs a different perspective regarding their role in branch & how they can partner w/ us to build a successful practice.
Randall V. Childress, CFP , AAMS - Financial Advisor / Regional Leader - Edward Jones
Steve spoke in a very engaging and entertaining way about how to gain referral business through "The Power of Helping Without Hustling," how to have deep, meaningful conversations with clients, and how to make the conversation about them!
Jason M. Kozon, CFP Financial Advisor - Edward Jones
This workshop covered a comprehensive and systematic approach to building referrals for business by helping people without ever selling to them. . . . I left feeling very comfortable and confident that I can employ this approach to grow my own business.
Brian Hatch - CareMinders Franchisee
. . . I have attended many seminars and heard many speakers who had the "only way to do business." You do not tout your "Bass-Ackward Business" philosophy as such, however I feel after having attended your seminar that it is the only way for me.
Julie Porter - Solid Source Realty
This past Friday's Bass-Ackward Business Workshop was educational, practical, and certainly inspirational with you in charge. Your positive suggestions for changing our marketing approach on new business opportunities . . . is a breath of fresh air . . .
Steven H. Norris, CASL, CLTC - Long Life Strategies, LLC
You did a phenomenal job speaking to my staff and our business partners. . . . When I walked into work today I could feel the heightened enthusiasm in the air. What a great feeling.
Scott Robinson, President - We Rent Atlanta
Your message on "The Power of Helping Without Hustling" was incredibly effective for our branch teams! Your engaging and humorous presentation and exercises really helped us focus on how we can deepen our relationships with our clients!
Christopher Rakow - Financial Advisor
I received more positive comments on your presentation and great ideas than we have ever received from any of our past speakers. You did a great job of motivating and making our sales people laugh and enjoy the presentation you made.
Randal C. Espey, Regional Sales Directer - Georgia PGA Region