Patricia Wheatley Burt Bio

Patricia Wheatley Burt is a business and HR consultant and expert in commercial and professional practice management. She works with a wide range of firms and companies providing Consultancy, Training and Executive Coaching based on over 20 years experience.

Patricia established what is now Trafalgar - The People Business in 1990, which specialises in strategy, business development, achieving Peak Performance Management and, of course, developing pro itability.

Clients find that those 'tiresome management tasks' become easier and more manageably effective, that staff become fired up with enthusiasm and the practice or company does achieve its goals - and increases profitability!

As a keynote speaker and facilitator Patricia focuses on motivating her audiences to welcome change, to understand the personalities and motivations of others, to work together towards targets and goals which ultimately lead to success for all.

In her spare time Patricia is involved with several charities including the Princes Trust and Young Enterprise. She has had numerous articles published, has a series of Practice Management Pocketbooks, CDs and DVDs for professional people, has scripted and contributed to a number of LNTV videos, has appeared on BBC radio and is a member of the National Speakers Association and a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association.