Mark Anthony Garrett

Mark Anthony Garrett Teachers Are Heroes, poverty, child advoacy Mark Anthony Garrett Teachers Are Heroes, poverty, child advoacy

Mark Anthony Garrett Speech Topics

Teachers Are Heroes
This high energy emotionally charged message is a life-changing story of hope, belief and inspiration. This message was designed to rekindle the spirit of teachers and remind them of their significance and the tremendous value they bring to the teaching profession and the lives of the children...
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You Are a Lifesaver - Making a Difference One Life at a Time
This high energy, emotionally charged message was designed to inspire, motivate and rekindle the spirit of the many wonderful individuals that work and serve within the child welfare and K-12 educational industry. Because of their hard work, service and ultimate commitment to making the world a...
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The Magnificence of Teaching - Teaching with a Spirit of Excellence
Within the vast arena of serving children, we sometimes find ourselves wondering if we are truly making a positive difference in their lives. The day- to-day challenges and stresses of our complex teaching environment can very well give the illusion that we are moving backward instead of...
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One Heart Can Make a Difference
Mark Anthony Garrett is a former special needs child with wonderful insight on how this experience greatly impacted his life. Mark will speak from his own experiences, including how he overcame the many hardships and obstacles that were placed in his path. The primary focus of this message is on...
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What Children Need to Succeed Building Self-esteem From the Inside Out
This message was developed with several goals in mind. The first of these was to give participants a basic understanding as to what children really need to succeed. This session will explore internal and external factors that are critical in a child’s success and overall self-esteem. Mark will...
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Achieving Goals and Building Teams The Winners Edge
Achieving goals and working with a great team is crucial for individual and organizational success. This message will enrich and equip your audience with the tools necessary to become an ultimate goal-achiever and contributing team player. Mark will share proven success formulas designed to...
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