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Joanna Hyatt: Irreplaceable
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Joanna Hyatt: Irreplaceable Excerpt

Joanna Hyatt

Huffington Post Contributor and Best Selling Author of "The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents"

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About Joanna Hyatt

Internationally acclaimed speaker navigating a wide range of topics from sex, healthy dating and relationships for a teen and young adult audience. Author of the best-selling book, The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents.

Joanna brings a global perspective and fresh lens to some of the most difficult and confusing topics facing today's teens and young adults: sex, healthy dating and relationships.

One of the youngest voices tackling this subject, Joanna is able to connect with her audiences in ...

Charismatic and talented. She will not disappoint!

Joeseph, President - University of Pittsburgh Anscombe Society

You have the right amount of knowledge, humor and faith that combine in a non-threatening discussion of much avoided topics. Again, thank you!


By far you are the best speaker to come to our school. The world and especially girls needs someone like you to teach them self respect and what love can be. I can only imagine the unwanted events which your kind words of wisdom have saved me from.


Joanna’s talk “What Your Momma Didn’t Tell You” was delivered with humor and style that clicked perfectly with our house. She made a subject that can be hard to talk about, fun to talk about.

Kappa Alpha Theta, UCLA

Joanna Hyatt is a must hear speaker, smart, savvy, totally in tune with millennials, a counter cultural dynamo who makes chastity sexy, [and] relationships desirable ... If you’re looking to change the culture, move young people toward healthy, long lasting relationships, reconnect sex to life... - then you need to hear from Joanna!

Jeanne, Executive Director - ZoeCare

Joanna Hyatt is the most talented speaker who I have seen on our campus. Through feisty humor and real life experience, Joanna is able to help students make topics such as sex education relevant and accessible…Joanna has helped to change the trajectory of many teens lives, and will continue to do so. [She’s] a rare gem!

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