Ed Viesturs

Ed Viesturs, Adventurers Ed Viesturs, Adventurers

Ed Viesturs Speech Topics

Program Themes
His themes include Risk management, Team Work, Goal Setting, Perseverance, and inspirational entertainment in general. His lectures are based on his experiences from 27 years of climbing and include a PowerPoint presentation with dramatic expedition photos.
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Viesturs lecture discusses (and documents) his primary goal of climbing the World’s 14 peaks over 8000 meters (26,000’ and above) without supplemental oxygen-a project he titled Endeavor 8000. This effort took him 18 years to complete and in doing so became the only American and one of five...
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Everest Imax Expedition 1996 -Mountain Without Mercy
Viesturs lecture documents his roll in the 1996 Everest Imax expedition as climbing leader and featured character in what became the largest grossing Imax film in history. This was Viesturs’ eighth expedition to Mt Everest and his fourth successful summit of the mountain. The main challenge of...
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