Stacy Allison

Stacy Allison, Women in Business NSB, women in business, change, teamwork, Adventurers, customer service Stacy Allison, Women in Business NSB, women in business, change, teamwork, Adventurers, customer service
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Stacy Allison: Beyond the Limits
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Stacy Allison

First American Woman to Summit Mt. Everest, Business Owner

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Portland, Oregon, United States
About Stacy Allison

Stacy's climbed the world's most famous mountain, now she's helping organizations across the globe scale their own monumental challenges.

Stacy Allison brings a vast range of experiences and knowledge to her energetic and dynamic presentations. Stacy is best known as the First American woman to summit Mt. Everest. She is also president of Stacy Allison General Contracting, a residential building company. She serves on the Board of Trustees of National University and is the Chairperson for The ...

. . . you tied your experiences in with our ever-changing environment and sense of urgency to meet the challenges that we are facing.

Dawn Brehm, Vice-President Sales, NeuroScience Division - GlaxoSmithKline

. . . engaging, thought provoking and motivational . . . powerful connections between climbing Mt. Everest and the challenges that we have before us . . .

Deborah Davis, VP, Card Services Strategic Planning - Bank of America (Card Services)

Your story touched the entire audience. The standing ovation is an indication of the enormous impact you had on them.

Filemon Lopez, Senior Vice-President of Sales - Comcast (National Sales Meeting)

Excellent content . . . excellent delivery . . . thoroughly prepared.

Shirley Mertz, Meeting Planner - Nationwide Insurance (Chairman Life Council Members)

I've heard nothing but positive things about your keynote speech. It was WONDERFUL. Even the most gruff refinery boys who usually perceive these meetings as "fluffy" were very impressed (and touched) by your speech.

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