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Bob Hirschfeld Text Reviews

I want to thank you for an excellent presentation. You received exceptionally high ratings on our survey--a sure sign that you met and exceeded the audience's expectations! I also want to thank you for your professionalism as a speaker.
Joan Orentlicher - LOMA
You were fantastic! Your extremely funny and insightful presentation delighted a very discerning crowd--Presidents and CEOs of emerging companies. A top caliber comedy hour with business backbone.
Karen Edelman - Forbes Management Conference Group
Your presentation was exceptional. I truly enjoyed it and have heard lots of positive comments. Thanks for helping make our conference a great success.
Nancy Webster - IBM
Your unique observations clearly connected with many of our members' own interactions with new technologies. Perhaps more importantly, your presentation emphasized that it is not we who are the "dummies" when it comes to computer technology.
Susan Sarfati - Washington Society Association Executive