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Bob Hirschfeld Bio

"Cybersatirist" Bob Hirschfeld lampoons business and technology with
customized presentations created exclusively for savvy conference
audiences. He provides appropriate comic relief by mining the laughs
from any business topic including social media, mobile and cloud
computing and cyber security. Bob can also add a humorous yet
motivating perspective on the challenges and rewards of

As a keynote, Hirschfeld will leave your audience smiling, refreshed
and ready to tackle the rest of your conference agenda. He's also
perfect for after-dinner entertainment that ties in with your
conference topics.

The first "Cybersatirist," Hirschfeld has been performing at
conferences for over 15 years for a long list of clients that include
Microsoft, Siemens, Forbes, and Shell. His success was
profiled in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. No wonder Jay Leno
called him, "one of the top satirists in the country