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Ruth Wells

Your Problem-Kid Problem Solver

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Got problem students? Here's immediate help.

Your staff name the problems, Ruth Herman Wells will deliver immediate answers. A veteran trainer, author, and counselor, Ruth will turbo-charge your staff's skills, providing hundreds of state-of-the-art, more effective interventions for classroom management problems, defiance, poor motivation, bad behavior, truancy, work refusal, gangs, apathy, dropping out, ADD, Asperger's, depression, and delinquency.

If your staff's training prepared them for ...

This workshop needs to be given to all teachers and administrators today. This workshop needs to taught to college students in teacher/counselor ed classes. The information is honest and hopeful and the skills are a gift. Thank you!

Marti Birch, Counselor - New Lebanon School District

Great workshop. I learned a lot that I can use. So many offer only theory not actual things you can use.

Terry Homes, Teacher - Harrisburg High School

Wonderful! Life changing! Worth my time, money and flight.

Cynthia Shamburger, At-Risk Youth Program Coordinator - 4-H At-Risk Program

Best bang for my buck ever.

Deborah Young, Behavior Specialist - Sacramento Office of Education

Coming to this workshop has given me a whole new set of tools for dealing with my students and providing direction for my staff. It was worth every minute of my limited time.

Jerry Brown, Principal - Bishop Spaugh Academy

Day 1: 5-1/2 hours in L.A. freeway gridlock to get 5 hours of class. Day 2: I returned despite the traffic. Your information and teaching style brought me back!! Thank you.

Judi Hynan, School Counselor - Westside Union School District
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