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Waldo Waldman Text Reviews

Waldo's presentation was inspirational and packed full of relevant business takeaways. His content was heartfelt and the audience never drifted. He didn't just talk about being a wingman, he showed it.

Jeff Duckwork, Exec VP of Sales - John Hancock Funds

“Waldo has a great ability to translate his military experience into key sales and leadership principles that can apply to each of us. His story lines around teamwork, trust, preparation, and execution really resonated with our organization. We'll continue to 'Push it up!' here at HP!”

Chris Ogburn, Director - Hewlett-Packard Personal Systems Group

This was our first ever sales conference and Waldo delivered! His preparation and care in understanding our business challenges made his message extremely relevant. He's an outstanding storyteller . . . funny and authentic.

Linda Hodo, VP of Corp. Development - Zurich Insurance

Your "One Team, One Mission" philosophy of trusting your wingmen and becoming Mission-Ready totally aligned with our teamwork goal.

Tim Kryzanowski, VP Sales - Phillips Medical Systems

You shattered any stereotype of an egocentric fighter pilot our audience may have had. Our franchisees met a personable guy, willing to share the peaks and valleys of his life.

Mike Bidwell, COO - The Dwyer Group Franchise Mgmt Company

Waldo, your ability to speak our language, our priorities, and our fears had the owners and management teams astounded. Your passion and enthusiasm left me speechless.

Anja Rogers, Sr. VP - Senior Star Living

Exciting, Challenging, Emotional, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking are the first words that come to mind when describing your performance. The experience was simply 'worth every penny,' and has given us our battle cry for 2008..."One Team, One Goal!"

Johnathan O'Neill, Managing Director of Sales - Hilton Grand Vacations

Waldo, your program resulted in a record breaking week for my team! Thank you for investing in the AFLAC process and dedicating yourself to learning our business.

Randy Bartlein, State Sales Coordinator - AFLAC