Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme communication, leaders, leadership, NSB Victoria Labalme communication, leaders, leadership, NSB

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RISK FORWARD® COMMUNICATE > CONNECT > COME ALIVE Ideal for Opening & Closing Your Event

Looking for a high-energy speaker to open or close your event?

Whether you need a keynote to kick things off and set the tone for the days ahead . . .

. . . or whether you need someone to send everyone off with a positive outlook, empowered, emboldened and eager to take on the challenges ahead


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RISK FORWARD® Leading in a New Landscape

There’s no question the world has changed.

Leaders are faced with an ever-evolving work landscape—new roles, new expectations and new goals.

Team members are dispersed and disconnected. And change is increasing at unprecedented levels.

Many people are facing burnout. Many are re-evaluating their...

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Risk Forward... and Rock Your Sales

There’s no question the sales landscape has changed.

With the lack of in-person interaction, a shifting economy, and the strain of learning new skills, sales teams today are often overwhelmed and emotionally spent.

Prospects, clients and customers are cautious; many are meeting-fatigued.


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