Tyler Gage

Tyler Gage, Entrepreneurs startup, entrepreneaur, sustainable, sustainability, young entrepreneaur, food and beverage, college Tyler Gage, Entrepreneurs startup, entrepreneaur, sustainable, sustainability, young entrepreneaur, food and beverage, college

Tyler Gage Speech Topics

Mission and Impact “From the Inside Out”
Tyler draws on his diverse experience working with start-ups and large multinationals to show how organizations can dig deeper into their history, culture and operations to unlock sources of purpose that can fuel growth, engagement, and profit. Challenging the norms and expectations around...
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Fierce Collaboration: Lessons from the power of the Amazon
Immersing himself in the native cultures of the Amazon, Tyler grew from an introverted linguistics researcher to an award-winning CEO of one of the hottest beverage companies in the country. He recognized that a unique spirit of collaboration and exchange is central to what gives indigenous...
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Navigating Chaos: Setting Strategy and Driving Profit through Uncertain Times
Growing an organization is like being thrust into the middle of the Amazon rainforest – living every day on the edge of your comfort zone, vulnerable to the unexpected challenges constantly being thrown your way. From founding and leading a start-up through acquisition to serving on the Board of...
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How Plants Drive Culture
It's every day that we hear about a new superfood on the shelves of our local store, a miracle plant touted by Dr Oz, or some new crop that is saving (or destroying) communities on the other side of the world. Is this a new phenomenon? Is the coming and going of plant products a by-product of our...
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Innovation from the Amazon‎
Inspired by the ways that the indigenous Amazonian communities understand their environment and manage their tribes, Tyler decided to follow these millennia old principles to build what has now become a world renowned social enterprise, Runa. Having researched the cognitive patterns,...
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"Profit and Sustainability: Its all about People"
Having built an organization that sells products in thousands of stores across the country while employing over 70 people and supporting more than 3,000 indigenous families in Ecuador, Gage knows what it takes to balance doing good with doing well. As a college student studying indigenous...
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"Creative Fundraising"
Tyler Gage has raised over $12m for Runa, a hybrid non-profit and for-profit organization that improves livelihoods for Amazonian farming families and sells beverage products in the US. From rallying a crew of major celebrity investors and high level beverage industry executives to convincing the...
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"The "RUNA' Story In All of Us"
Tyler is passionate about encouraging people to have adventures that can help change the world. His undergraduate research of indigenous Amazonian languages led him to want to start a company that could use business as a way to support these native families.
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