Tuti Scott

Tuti Scott gender, equality, women pay, woman, rights, social change Tuti Scott gender, equality, women pay, woman, rights, social change

Tuti Scott Text Reviews

I’ve had such favorable emails from Board members, including our Development Chair, about how well the retreat went and how skillful and helpful you are. It exceeded my expectations – which were high. You are a gifted and knowledgeable facilitator and speaker - it was fun to watch you display your talents. You were clearly the right choice for our event!

Jeanne Jackson - Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham

We hired Tuti not once but twice to speak at our annual meeting. Her knowledge of women’s leadership and philanthropy is vast and her delivery of material is always exceptional and entertaining. Board members walked away from her presentations energized; she motivated us all to think bigger and bolder about our work and impact.

Dana Hirt - Jewish Women's Foundation of Chicago

“Hearing Tuti speak during my graduate studies was a catalytic shift for me in connecting all that I was learning to the real world. I was inspired into action in way that shaped my career and life. After hearing Tuti speak I didn't want wait any longer to start networking and contributing and finding meaningful ways to be involved. Tuti helped me to realize how much power I had right now and gave great insights into how to start using that power in a whole new way.

Emily Niemann - Smith College Graduate

Over 15 years I had the chance to see Tuti Scott present and speak to a variety of audiences. Her true gift is being a bridge builder across generations and speaking to and engaging millennials to be their best selves, showcase their talents, and be respectful of social norms and cultures.

Donna Lopiano, - Athletic Director at University of Texas

Tuti spoke on campus at Ithaca College at the Sport and Social Change conference, and the students were inspired by her knowledge, humor, and tangible ideas. She offered stories and lessons on how to approach difficult topics that were useful for us all.

Amy Doonan Cronin, Executive Director - New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium