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Todd Starnes

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Todd Starnes Speech Topics

Religious Liberty
American Christians are facing uncertain times. Our nation’s values are under assault. Religious liberty has been undermined. We live in a day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. As a reporter covering the culture war for FOX News, Todd Starnes is on the front lines of attacks against...
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Politics and Faith
After President Reagan brought morning to America, conservatives took a nap. We grew complacent. And faster than you could say “Read my lips,” the nation elected a community organizer. So how can we prevent that from happening again?
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American Values
President Obama called us bitter. Hillary Clinton called us irredeemable. The mainstream media called us backwater bigots. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by academics. With the election of Donald Trump, the American people have spoken and the Deplorables are ready to take our country...
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Christian Citizenship
Daniel 11:32 says that “The People who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” So many American Christians have bought the secular lie that the church and state must be separate. However, while this is not our ultimate home it is about time to take a stand electing God-honoring leaders....
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