Story Musgrave

Story Musgrave NSB, creativity, Creativity/Innovation, innovation Story Musgrave NSB, creativity, Creativity/Innovation, innovation
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Story Musgrave: Design a Life for Yourself, One Step at a Time

Story Musgrave

30 Year NASA Astronaut Veteran, Founder of multiple companies

About Story Musgrave

Story Musgrave was born in 1935 on a dairy farm in Stockbridge, MA. He was in the forests alone at age 3 and by age 5 floated his homebuilt rafts on the rivers. He rode combines at age 5, drove trucks and tractors at age 10 and when alone in remote fields, repaired them by age 13.

Story never finished school, ran off to Korea with the U.S. Marines where he was an aircraft electrician and an engine mechanic. He started flying with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in ...

People have been talking about you in the hallways . . . so many valuable and relevant lessons of life and of the profession . . . the spirit you brought with you is contagious, we will carry it with us for a very long time . . .

St. Clare's Health System

You, Sir, are an inspiration for everyone! From Gearhead to Trauma Surgeon and everything in between, you are the ultimate Kung-Fu in all that you take on-- just overall awesomeness!

Camber Technical Services

My daughters are benefiting greatly from learning lessons and principles from a life lead to the fullest. You are the perfect example of how a few powerful, yet sympathetic, words can make a huge difference in one's life.

Ball Aerospace

I wound up talking about your speech for days . . . You are an extreme inspiration to many of us . . . you just watched for the opportunities and went with your heart and your gut toward some future you did not know.

Richard Stockton College

It was an absolute honor hearing/watching you speak. You left such an incredibly powerful impression on me, I will never forget you. If I am lucky enough I will see you in action once again.

Audigy Group

I'll never forget your passion for space exploration and your articulate compelling descriptions of the personal experiences of spaceflight. I can live it just as if I was there.

American Airlines
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