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Strategic Storytelling Expert, empowering leaders to gain more influence, build greater connection, and increase sales through storytelling.
Latest Review
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center contracted Andy to facilitate a 3-day storytelling training for NASA coaches. Andy's training was engaging, ...
4 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Leadership Strategist and Researcher
Latest Review
Today I was challenged by Sara's message. Mistakes are not something I accept very well (nor do I often admit), and perfection is often the ...
3 Reviews · 6 Videos
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The Retail Doc
Latest Review
?Bob is a dynamic and vibrant speaker. His high level of professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with. With a topic of ?does size matter? ...
1 Review
$7,500 - $10,000
Growing Small Business Into Big Brands
Latest Review
Jack took a faltering product launch plan and retooled . . . He revived the product launch, gained new distribution in several nat'l retail ...
3 Reviews · 2 Videos
From Garbage Collector to Wall Street Executive
Latest Review
Alan was amazing--weaving together history, humor and current scenarios. People have been talking about his presentation for months. It touched ...
5 Reviews · 3 Videos
The Ultimate Impact Speaker
Latest Review
Your enthusiasm and passion for what you believe in was evident in your speech and delivered with a powerful punch! Not only did you captivate ...
13 Reviews · 1 Video
Personal Leadership Development Specialist, Educator and Keynote Speaker
Latest Review
Your fourth time at our national symposium in four years--We keep bringing you back and you keep wowing the audience. You consistently hit the ...
8 Reviews · 2 Videos
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Author of "Mathematics and Sex"; Mathematics and Science Entertainer; After-Dinner Speaker and MC
Latest Review
Dr Clio Cresswell delivers an engaging presentation to unlock the secrets of love and relationships . . . You leave the room revitalised and ...
5 Reviews
Marty Fields has become a brand in Australian comedy. He is a rapid fire power station of material.
Latest Review
This man is top of the omega range. He's sensational. I have never laughed so easily.
8 Reviews
Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale University, Former Obama Environmental Adviser
Dan Esty is the Hillhouse Professor at Yale University with primary appointments at Yale's Environment and Law Schools and a secondary appointment...
1 Video
Entrepreneurship, the NewSpace industry, and The Human-Space Connection®
Latest Review
When he got the question of how one justifies spending money on space when we have hunger, war, disease, etc. here on Earth that should be ...
7 Reviews · 1 Video
North Carolina  
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist
Fred Nazem, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has founded or financed several multi-billion dollar corporations. Known also as a turnaround...
World's Leading Expert On Making Safety Fun
Latest Review
“So there again, you've made a very powerful impact! Keep up the awesome work!!!”
11 Reviews · 2 Videos
It All Starts with a Smile
Latest Review
I have heard nothing but great comments about the program and the lasting effects it has had on those who attended.
4 Reviews · 1 Video
Think Like Leonardo, Innovate Like Edison!
Latest Review
From start to finish, working with you has been such a pleasure - and to have two fabulous keynote speeches in a row is a conference planner's ...
3 Reviews · 2 Videos
New Mexico  
Among the 100 Most Powerful People In Healthcare
Stuart H. Altman is Dean of The Heller School for Social Policy & Management and Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy at Brandeis...
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One of the Greatest Survival Stories of Our Time; "Jungle" movie
Latest Review
It was amazing to all who attended how you could weave a gripping tale of survival in the Amazon, against all odds, into a story that had ...
12 Reviews · 7 Videos
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20+ Years Studying Indigenous Tribes, Humanitarian, Author & Photographer, Speaker
Latest Review
I just wanted to tell you that Phil did a outstanding job here and that everyone was in awe of his work and of him.
3 Reviews
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New Rules To Transform The Future Of Your Business
Latest Review
Mike's presentation for the L'Oreal Professionnel Artists, Educators and Corporate Team at Foundation 2021 was INCREDIBLE. Mike, we can't thank ...
8 Reviews · 6 Videos
Founder of Unstoppable Teen, Author of No Limits and more than 20 youth development programs & nominated for an Honorary Award by the Association for Coaching for his positive impact on communities
Latest Review
Kevin is a positive person who always finds solutions to succeed in tough situations. He has personally helped me by showing me how to enjoy ...
7 Reviews
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Author - Social Critic - Advocate for Women & Girls
Latest Review
Ms. Brill is an extremely dynamic and eloquent speaker. Attendees were very moved and benefited greatly from her presentation. . . . this ...
5 Reviews
New York  
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