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Ron knew from a young age he didn't fit traditional structures. The more teachers tried to get him to adhere to the rules, the more he rebelled. With a knack for finding shortcuts and creative solutions along with zero fear of the unknown, Ron began carving his own path as an entrepreneur. From importing Thai sandals, opening restaurants to employing 1500 security guards across Canada, Ron discovered that in order to win in business, you must compete with the best - regardless of your industry. His ...

Loved the honesty and rawness in failures. The focus on driving your team's skills, passions and performance ws really eye-opening!

Customer Service Revolution CXR

Ron - it was awesome! Thanks so much, I am getting tons of messages, people really enjoyed your talk and found it refreshing!

Renata Mrazova, Chief People Officer - Home Credit International

Ron had the most takeaways per minute of any speaker at the event.

Verne Harnish, Founder - Entrepreneurs Organization
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