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He has the rare ability to distill meaningful from meaningless and transfer it to others in a quiet, effective way.
Jack Welch, former Chairman - GE
We deeply appreciate the time spent and commitment you made in the Boardroom Forum series. More importantly, we value the wonderful contribution your comments, experience and insight made to the success of the event. The feedback has been overwhelming, with many participants saying this was the best Boardroom Forum yet. We recognize that without experienced and highly sought after speakers such as you, the event would simply not be the same. Thank you for taking the time to join us as speaker and for helping us make this a truly world-class event.
Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large - Fortune
One word sums up your work with us at the Leadership meeting and the workshop the week before - WOW! Never in my 21 years with the Company has the company's leadership team been so united, energized and optimistic. Now we have to learn and execute.
-Gary Garfield, CEO and President - Bridgestone Americas, Inc
You are fantastic! Thanks for inspiring us to EXECUTE!
J.P. Moery, CAE, Vice President Federation Relations - U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Thank you for all your preparation and dedication in delivering the message to us on how to become better at execution and getting things done. The day was really excellent and right on point. I believe that, as you have in the past with our company ('Shift or be shifted'), you've once again added to the language of our company. Already people are talking about dominant priorities, getting the right people in the right job, follow through, truly understanding the guts of the business, and getting things simple and clear. That's a language that I will continue to push through our organization. You have helped our company immensely.
Pat Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer - Arthur J. Gallagher & Co
A huge thank you for all your many great contributions to the success of the Microsoft CEO Summit. You handled the opening session absolutely perfectly! Your scores from the workshop were fabulous. THANK YOU.
John Needham, President - Needham Partners
Ram is a catalyst in the real sense of that word. He facilitates things happening but doesn't take part in them himself. And he is an immense source of energy. When you're trying to get large organizations to do things, energy is extremely important. He forces you to tell him what it is you want to do, and he forces you to really be clear in your own mind what those things are and what steps have to be taken. Often it's getting the wrong guy out of a job. But the point is, he starts out by basically forcing you to think with him and be very clear.
John Reed, Former CEO - Citicorp
What a dynamic presenter you are! You not only do an excellent job adjusting from one company session to another, but you deliver the information in a style that entertains as well as educates.
Linda G. Traylor, Senior Vice President Human Resources - Denny's
Your presentations, as always, were outstanding.
Bob Guido, Vice Chairman - Ernst & Young