Rachel Campos-Duffy Text Reviews

Rachel Campos Duffy spoke at my university about latinos and women in the conservative movement as part of our Young Americans for Freedom chapter's work on campus. Mrs. Campos Duffy was able to engage a diverse crowd of undergraduates through compelling personal stories and insightful political and cultural commentary. Her background in television, political outreach, and media gave her a multifaceted perspective that made her talk both persuasive and entertaining. Students were excited by her message, and many lined up after the talk to meet her and ask questions. She was an eloquent speaker, gracious to all of the attendees, and a true pleasure to host.
Rachel's unique expertise spans reality TV, politics, and family life. With an engaging delivery, audiences of all ages enjoy her take on pop culture, the story of her family's work to achieve their American Dream, and her commentary on today's political and cultural landscape.
Jolie Ballantyne, Esq. Conference Director - Young American's Foundation
Rachel Campos-Duffy was down to earth, friendly, and her talk was captivating to the many in attendance. She is well versed on todays political climate, and she is passionate about making sure Republican women support the party. Rachael kept us laughing and cheering with her tales of being a mother to 8 children while balancing a successful career as an actress and Fox & Friends commentator. She urged women to think of the priorities in life."
Susan Speros - Savannah Area Republican Women