Peter deLisser

Peter deLisser

Author and Lecturer on Management, Sales and Change

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New York, New York, United States
About Peter deLisser

The author, dubbed 'the executive's new coach' by Fortune magazine, Peter deLisser teaches managers how to 'shut up and listen,' how to make 'every conversation a sales call' and even how to deal with 'a boss who's a screamer.'

I wasn't good at accepting praise, so I didn't praise others. I've already used your praise drill with my staff. They love it.

Magazine Publisher

I was shocked to realize I continually cut people off in the middle of their sentences. Your direct strategy of 'shut up and listen' controls my desire to jump into a conversation.

Vice President, Financial Services

My boss is a screamer. The skill we developed to reduce emotions calms him down and allows us to have reasonable conversations.

Vice President, Human Resources

I believed when I was talking I was in control. The truth is, no one was listening! Limiting speaking to 5-10 seconds works.

Vice President, Sales
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