Michael DiSpezio

Michael DiSpezio

Science Writer and Educational Consultant

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Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States
About Michael DiSpezio

Michael DiSpezio is one of the most recognized, entertaining and sought-after presenters at educator conferences throughout the world. In addition to offering his unique style of dynamic, theatrical, and often interactive presentations, he is a prolific author with over thirty published trade books and an equal number of science textbook co-authorships.

As all agree, his enthusiastic, high-energy style is an infectious vehicle for his delivery of a wide range of topics. Michael's research ...

High school teachers are a difficult audience; however, he had all 600 employees, including high school teachers, standing up, making "whirly bird airplanes", using 3-D glasses, laughing, participating, and thoroughly enjoying everything he had to say.

Linda Jacobs - Forney ISD

Michael was AWESOME! He was flexible, easy to work with, energetic, fun, personable . . . He stayed on message, yet was willing (and able) to make client-requested changes to the script at the 11th hour. He really is fluid in everything he does.

Todd Haight - Michigan Tech University
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