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Michael D Brown: Weathering Political Storms

Michael D Brown

Founder & Chairman, Apoklayyis, Inc., National Security Blog Expert, The National Journal and Blogger, The Daily Caller

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Denver, CO, United States
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Michael Brown served as the first Under Secretary of Homeland Security for President George W. Bush from 2003-2005, Director, Deputy Director and General Counsel, Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2001-2005. At the White House he served on the Consequence Management Committee, comprised of cabinet deputies, following the attacks of 9/11, and headed the White House transition team for Emergency Preparedness & Response, Department of Homeland Security. He also served on the National Security ...

Mr. Brown gave an honest direct presentation that delved into the facts surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster, w/c facilitated greater understanding of the events during w/c the audience warmed & responded to Michael's clear presentation and style.

London Floodfighters Conference - London, England

He spoke from the heart and everyone was enthralled with his dedication to help people in need & the fact he was not the typical "former federal employee" with a superiority complex. His personality & delivery made for a robust exchange of ideas.

International Crisis Response Conference; Rome, Italy

Michael Brown is a wonderfully likable, engaging and articulate speaker. . . . he doesn't shy away from difficult or uncomfortable topics in his presentations, and he handles challenging questions with grace and reason.

Diana Nemergut, Professor & Director - University of Colorado Critical Thinking Seminar

Michael Brown was the keynote speaker at our annual conference held in Newport, RI. . . . Michael was direct and to the point and was very candid about lessons learned, the value of communications and the importance of preparedness.

Christine Glebus, President - NEDRIX Conference, Newport, Rhode Island
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