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The Dream Manager

Once every twenty-five years or so a concept comes along that perfectly identifies a common problem and teaches us a new way. The Dream Manager is that concept. The simple truth is this: the destiny of your organization and the destiny of the people that drive your organization are inseparably...

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Solving Your Turnover Problem

Any business leader knows that the costs of employee turnover drain profits. Matthew Kelly offers four steps to solving the turnover dilemma. Business leaders, executives, managers, and small business owners will learn how to address turnover and how to improve employee morale in the process.


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Personal Strategic Planning

During this presentation, audience members see the benefits of corporate strategic planning after receiving life-changing ideas for developing a personal strategic plan. With Matthew’s guidance and personal success framework, audience members explore their life in the same way that business...

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Authenticity, Not Authority: A New Paradigm for Leadership

True leadership takes humility and rigorous honesty. In this presentation, Matthew Kelly helps leaders analyze their leadership style and presents nine practical ways to transform their leadership style.

Last year, integrity was the most searched word in Webster’s online dictionary. In an age...

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Passion and Purpose: The Keys to Productivity and Profitability

Today’s best companies are realizing that by encouraging employees to become the-best-version-of-themselves in every aspect of their lives, they guarantee themselves more a more efficient and effective workforce. In this presentation, Matthew shows companies, managers, and individuals how to...

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Customer Intimacy

Based on his best-selling book, The Seven Levels Intimacy, but adapted to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by corporate relationships, this presentation provides powerful and practical insights into customer and employee relationships.

Behind every corporate dilemma and...

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The Talent War: Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Talent

Due to increasing employee turnover, an aging population, and a shrinking workforce, Matthew Kelly argues that attracting, developing, and retaining talent should be the number one priority of any business leader. In this presentation, Matthew provides background on the war for talent and...

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The Next HR Revolution

In this presentation, Matthew Kelly illuminates what Human Resource departments can do to attract, develop, and retain a new caliber of worker in the midst of the war for talent. Matthew focuses attention on how HR departments can strengthen the connection between employer and employee to...

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