Mamie McCullough Bio

Mamie McCullough, Ph.D., has been influencing audiences for thirty years. She has overcome poverty and many other adversities, including cancer, to become one of the country's most popular motivational speakers.

Mamie has a wide variety of experience in management, sales and recruiting. She believes business improves when people improve, and her desire is to help motivate people into action. She has the unique ability to balance profound motivational material with a sparkling sense of humor.
Mamie McCullough started her business career as a secretary and became vice president of 13 corporations by the age of 28. Later she became a sales director for a direct sales organization and during one year was among the top 10 in recruiting.

As an educator, Mamie McCullough has taught every level from eighth grade through college as well as serving as principal of a large Georgia high school. Her proven record helping others has put Mamie McCullough in demand as a keynote speaker, motivational teacher and educational consultant. The purpose of Mamie's 1 hour to 3-day professional development seminars is to give strategies, techniques, activities and a plan of action to create a positive climate in which to live, learn and work.

Mamie's message is transformational and life-changing! The "I Can" lady worked with Zig Ziglar for 10 years as a speaker and author before forming Mamie McCullough & Associates in 1989. She shares life-changing principles instrumental in providing others with ideas, suggestions and facts on how to "get life together".

Mamie uses her background and personal experiences to connect with your audience and develop a presentation that will encourage, inspire and elevate you to believe that "it's not what happens to you -- it's what you do with what happens to you that counts."