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Maggie Doyne: Forbes Women's Summit
Maggie Doyne: Why The Human Family Can Do Better

Maggie Doyne

Founder of BlinkNow, Activist and Humanitarian

About Maggie Doyne

Traveling outside the United States for the first time after graduating high school, Maggie Doyne wandered into Nepal and faced horrors she never imagined: children orphaned by Nepal's civil war left to fend for themselves.

Only 19 years old, Maggie felt compelled to act. She used babysitting money and funds raised in her community to begin a home for orphaned children in war-ravaged Nepal. Today, Maggie (now 28) is mom to over 50 children. In 2010, she opened a school for Nepal's most ...

Maggie is changing the world and there’s nothing predictable about that or Maggie’s life. She’s one of the youngest people speaking at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, and received a standing ovation from some of the most powerful people on the planet, including Warren Buffett. But back in Nepal, she’s in the emergency room. Maggie’s speech brought everyone to their feet.

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