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Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education, premiere classroom Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education, premiere classroom

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The buzz sweeping the education world about Kim Strobel is real. And, it's no surprise that teachers and administrators are lining up to see her presentations. Simply put, she's absolutely fantastic. Not only is she a thought leader and expert in her field, but more than that, she's deeply passionate about helping teachers make a lifelong difference in the lives of students.
Hal Bowman, Founder and Creator - Teach Like Rock Star & Be The One
Kim Strobel is a dedicated educator who understands what teachers need. Her magnetic personality and genuine presentation style captivate audiences everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm is contagious. You'll love her!
James M. Halik, Ph.D. - Compass-Keynote Consulting, LLC
After listening to Kim Strobel speak during Ditch Summit, I knew she was the one I needed to deliver this message. Kim's keynote on happiness and remembering our why not only tied to our district theme and mental wellness, but were powerful and important...especially this time of year. She was lovely to work with and an absolute professional at all times. Her happiness and energy were contagious.
Blair Eiseman, Supervisor of Professional Development - South Brunswick School District, New Jersey
Kim is an expert in her field, fiercely energetic, very well-spoken and above all, truly understands what it's like to be a teacher. She's real and authentic and can turn an ordinary teacher training day into a very fun and well-spent collaboration where knowledge is gained by everyone involved.
ngel Zollars, 8th Grade ELA - Washington Community Schools
Kim knows how to engage teachers. She's open, enthusiastic, and focused. My teachers and literacy coach feel confident returning to school and implementing these lessons. Kim's knowledge and experience make her a winner with teachers!
Tammy Dexter, Director of School Support - Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
All I can say is WOW! Kim's training was absolutely awesome! Her knowledge of education practice and strategies is very thorough. She must have demonstrated at least 20 strategies that teachers can use. She explained each one, demonstrated it, and had the teachers practice it.
Rob Moore, Director of Education - Bloomington, IN
Kim is a dynamic presenter who keeps her audience highly engaged and truly understands Standards-Based Grading.
M. Godbey, Principal - Lincoln County High School, Stanford, KY
I love how this workshop touches so many grade levels. Everything presented can be used right away and can be changed/tweaked to meet all grade levels. Kim is genuine and really motivates people. I love the modeling. I also appreciate the resources.
Denise Boring - Breckinridge Community Schools
I am leaving this training with some amazing strategies and resources that that I will be able to take back and implement in my classroom ASAP! But even more than that, I also enjoyed her positivity and overall energy for the content. I feel invigorated to re-enter my classroom.
T. English
One of the best PD sessions that I have attended in my 26 years of teaching! Wow! Thank you for reminding us of why we became a teacher!
Emily Royse - Shelbyville County Schools, KY
You're a great speaker who makes things clear and engaging. Please come back soon!
Angelica DaSilva - Central Magnet High School
Positive message with thought provoking elements not just for implementing Growth Mindset in the classroom, but on outlook for life.
Central Magnet High School
Kim is an awesome storyteller! Super engaging, easy to listen to, great energy level, and fun! Nice to have a presentation that wasn't strictly theory-based, but very applicable to both my life at home and in the classroom.
Amanda Williams - Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
Kim is authentic in the delivery of boosting motivation and increasing achievement through a positive growth mindset that highly values grit. She engaged the participants in a personal journey of honesty, transparency, and realness. I loved this workshop a lot!
Carlos Lopez - Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
Absolutely Awesome! Unlike other workshops, Strobel Education makes the material easy to understand and implement quickly into your instruction. Kim is a wonderful person and an awesome presenter. Her energy is contagious.
Dana Campbell - Sharon Elementary School
I enjoyed every minute of this training. Your ideas, creativity, humor, and your attention to ideas/activities we can really use with our kids. Your enthusiasm and flexibility to engage all learners is contagious!
L. Doran - Indianapolis Schools
Powerful, powerful, powerful presentation. She is up there with Chip Wood as a top notch keynote speaker
K. Loren
OVE your positivity and happiness! You made the day soooo...ENJOYABLE! This was much more than your typical get and take workshop. I left for tips to up my game in the classroom and to increase my happiness levels. Did not want the day to end!
Jenna Luecke - Evansville Catholic Schools
I loved all the activities we did and how Kim introduced them and then modeled or discussed how to implement within the classroom. This was such an organized PD with great handouts and materials right at our fingertips. I left with ready-made lessons and so many resources that will save me time!
LaToyia Walton, Teacher - Kerrick Elementary School
Kim Strobel has her finger on what's right in education right now: a resurgence of happiness to boost learning, a focus on growth mindset, and so much more. Teachers: when the grading piles up, student issues have you down and you're feeling overwhelmed, go find Kim. She'll give you inspiration and ideas to lift you up. On second thought, go find her when everything's going right and she'll help you climb to new levels!
Matt Miller, author, speaker and blogger - Ditch That Textbook