Dr. Kevin Elko

Dr. Kevin Elko, Coaches in Sports, Sports NSB Dr. Kevin Elko, Coaches in Sports, Sports NSB

Dr. Kevin Elko Text Reviews

Dr. Elko's ability to connect through stories, logic and humor moves individuals to confront what's right in front of them. Having a clear picture is the first step to taking action. Truly, a master of communication!
Jeffrey McGregor President, RiverSource Distributors
"There has never been a better time for this message. Dr. Elko is fantastic!"
Donnie Smyles Vice President, Financial Advisor UBS
"Dr. Elko taught both me and my team how to motivate ourselves for emotional balance so we didn't become too high or too low, but remained focused on the game situation."
Emmitt Smith NFL All-time Leader Rusher
"Dr. Elko has the unique ability to touch everyone he speaks with. Nobody walks away without picking up something that makes them a better person. If I had one choice for someone to work with my firm, I would pick Dr. Elko. He has the unique ability to help people become the kind of person they want to be."
Andy Kalbaugh Chief Executive Officer Mutual Service Corporation