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JP Kuehlwein

Strategy Expert & Global Brand Builder

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New York City, NY, US
About JP Kuehlwein

Jan-Patrick (JP) Kuehlwein is a recognized strategy expert, global brand builder and accomplished marketing leader. JP has a 20 plus year track record of successfully translating consumer and branding insights into transformational propositions that win in the market. His broad experience spans from introducing a new-to-the-world food wrap to the US or disposable diapers to developing markets in Asia, to developing a global communication strategy for the world's leading detergent and portfolio ...

J.P. (and his partner) delivered a clear and cogent contextual understanding of branding in an era where branding receives too little of the narrative. Their precepts on building a community advantage for a prestige brand have universal utility and I’m confident they sent our members and customers home re-evaluating their respective branding efforts with specific lessons and takeaways, putting “answers in action”, that we insist upon for all AMA presentations. We would welcome them back anytime to share their next set of branding insights!”

Russ Klein - CEO, American Marketing Association

JP Kuehlwein recently made a strong webinar presentation on premium or ‘Ueber-Branding' to our MENG membership. Our MENG audience of experienced executive level marketers (corporate, marketing services, and consulting) can be a critical bunch with high expectations, and JP’s presentation was extremely well received. Attendees stayed engaged for the full time, and his survey scores were strong. He is an articulate and insightful presenter, and his real world cases added value to the members who want practical and usable lessons.

Jim Fisher - MENG Program Director

The Ueber-Brands authors made me reflect on the Moleskine brand in a radically different way. There is much to learn from its innovative approach.

Maria Sebregondi, Co-founder - Moleskine

JP Kuehlwein's presentation to members of The Luxury Marketing Council, faculty and graduate students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (some 300 people) last October was one of the highlights of our 2015. The insights contained in his Rethining Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-brands serve as a compelling call to action for all luxury marketers. Kuehlwein’s work is one of the most comprehensive and compelling compendiums of best marketing practices and guide to raising the bar in how luxury marketers can better surprise and delight their best customers. I routinely give copies of his book to new Council members as a thanks for their membership and to members who want to push the envelope and revitalize their marketing strategies and tactics.

Gregory J. Furman - Founder & Chairman, The Luxury Marketing Council

‘JP and Wolf have an entertaining way to present today’s marketing paradigm of prestige and luxury brands. Their book is an absolute must-read for any marketer working within the prestige, luxury industry… any industry!’

 Atissa Tadjadod, Director Global Communications - Piaget (Richemont International)

"Wolf and JP set a clear compass, balancing the mystery of magic and distance with the importance of purpose, meaning and customer delivery"

Jenny Ashmore, President - Chartered Institute of Marketing, CIM, UK
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