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John Sculley: DARPA BiT Keynote
John Sculley: The Iconic Pepsi Ad That Made Coke Go Ballistic
John Sculley: Web Summit Conversation With David Carr

John Sculley

Former CEO of Apple Computers, Pepsi, High-Tech Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

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About John Sculley

John Sculley has been a highly recognized business Innovator for the past 30 years.

He is best known for spotting future market and product opportunities and transforming companies to seize the advantage. These include: launching first successful plastic beverage packaging; Pepsi Challenge; launching FritoLay international; launching the first Macintosh; launching the first desktop publishing system; launching "What's your number" adjustable mattresses; and launching the online discount travel ...

John Sculley has spoken to major business audiences around the world including senior executive groups . . . Sculley has been a keynoter at many trade association and special events . . .

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