Jim Wenzloff

Jim Wenzloff

Education Consultant, November Learning

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Macomb, Michigan, United States
About Jim Wenzloff

Jim Wenzloff is an educational consultant with over thirty years of teaching and consulting experience. He currently works with educators on implementing the new technologies in their curriculum. Jim has presented at state, regional, and national conferences. Workshop topics include weblogs and student publishing, video conferencing, WebQuests, web publishing, and using digital photography in education.

In addition to his teaching and consulting experiences, he has had several articles published ...

Jim was particularly good at connecting real-life situations (the type we encounter everyday) to the technology tools that he used and introduced us to.

School Administator

This was so worthwhile . . . so many times I attend workshops that attempt to show us these things, but fall short. This was perfect!

School Administator
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