Jeannie DuBose

Jeannie DuBose

Author of The Mother Daughter Dance & Tending The Fire

About Jeannie DuBose

Jeannie DuBose is an award-winning author and illustrator of two memoirs: The Mother Daughter Dance and Tending the Fire: The Story of a Marriage. Her compelling presentation style is marked by humor, insight, and vulnerable reflections on her own life. Jeannie is consistently ranked as a superlative speaker; her client list includes Young President's Organization (YPO), Canyon Ranch, The Haden Institute, Rancho La Puerta, as well as a host of schools, faith communities, and women's ...

It is my pleasure to give Jeannie DuBose my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. She spoke to our largest annual fundraiser, delivering valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner. Her passion about her subject matter is infectious, giving attendees a fresh perspective on major aspects of their lives.

Mary K Behrens, Executive Director - The Women's Fund, LaCrosse, WI

Jeannie DuBose's lecture and facilitation of our Women's Retreat was full of insight and humor, delivering a heartwarming message that left us buzzing with renewed vigor. As one attendee summed up for us all, "It was a mountaintop experience!"

Katie VanBrackle - Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

When Jeannie Cochran DuBose explores the Mother-Daughter relationship, her presentation traces the complicated tenderness and touch, tension and strain that is the story of every woman's life. The experience is a map of vital feeling.

Ann Teaff, Head of School - Harpeth Hall School, Nashville, TN

Jeannie Cochran DuBose is a stellar presenter: intelligent, articulate and engaging. Her closing keynote address for our conference, "Knowing Your Story," left attendees enriched by the context of her message and the power of her storytelling.

Diane Dixon, CLU, President - Women in Insurance and Financial Services, Colorado Springs, CO

Jeannie DuBose's exploration of the Mother/Daughter relationship touches everyone at some level. Jeannie has a powerful way of bringing this relationship to light and helping audience members examine their own relationships throughout generations.

Susan Gray - Summer Speaker Series - Monteagle, TN

Jeannie DuBose brings charm, wit, depth, intelligence and warmth to her audience. Her skills as a professional, combined with a very creative and original presentation, provide a powerful lens through which our own stories become more meaningful.

Jackie MacMillan, Chair - Orchard House School Event for Parents and Students, Richmond, VA
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