George Couros

George Couros, 21st Century Learning & Technology high school, teacher motivation, Teaching Principles, education motivation, k-12 Education George Couros, 21st Century Learning & Technology high school, teacher motivation, Teaching Principles, education motivation, k-12 Education
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George Couros: FaTo Ensure that All Learners Feel Welcome and Valued in Our School Communities - Hopes for School
George Couros: TEDx: #OurVoice
George Couros: The Innovators Mindset
George Couros: Characters of Kindness
George Couros: Utah Coalition for Educational Technology Conference

George Couros

The Principal of Change: Stories of Learning and Leading; Author of "The Innovator's Mindset" and "Innovate Inside the Box"

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Orlando, FL, CA
About George Couros

George Couros is a worldwide leader in the area of innovative teaching, learning, and leading, and has a focus on innovation as a human endeavor. Most importantly, he is a proud father and husband. His belief that meaningful change happens when you first connect to people’s hearts, is modeled in his writing and speaking. In his 20-plus years in the field of education, he has worked at all levels of school, from K-12 as a teacher, technology facilitator, and school and district ...

When George finished speaking, a new energy filled the room. The buzz was deafening. The enthusiasm was exciting. One administrator, who admitted to me a week earlier that he just didn't "get" Twitter, said that George's talk was transformational.

Tia Henriksen

George Couros wowed the Alberta School Board Association with his passion and skill for using social media in his division to build connection to create collaborative learning. He stated many times it's not about technology--it's about relationships!

Kim Bater

The key note presenter, George Couros, is a fantastic speaker who put everything into the perspective of a school and teaching situations. His presentation and "Master Class" has been instrumental in changing paradigms for me, my colleagues . . .

Rachael Bath

session was titled "Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age" and his key message was "Learn, Connect, Humanize". In this one hour presentation I wanted to learn how, as a teacher, I can connect and engage with my students and school community more.

Kathy Turley

There are a few people in the world of educational blogging whom I follow almost religiously. One of them is George Couros. George has an approach to his profession that is challenging convention and creating the future of education.

Katie Hellerman

Thank you to George Couros for the wonderful impact he has had and continues to have on our district. He stretches our thinking and compels us to engage in new behaviors to push our learning, practice and influence forward.

Elisa Carlson - Surrey Schools
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