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What a pleasure to hear from someone who has actually done it in construction, versus someone telling how to do it without actual experience. With over 20 years in construction association management, your seminar was the ultimate!
Charles Kahl - Executive Vice President, Indiana Contractors AGC
Your presentation was great because you were not only humorous and diversified, but had many serious points. Your program gave everyone a chance to sit back and listen, learn and laugh. You're a great guy with a HUGE heart!
J. Rance Smith - President, Beneco Inc.
The most dynamic . . . Our attendees are still 'pumped up' and excited about implementing the ideas for change and growth...A great job you did...With humor and insightful direction , , , Terrific job!
Kate Keena - Executive Director, National Chamber of Commerce
You conducted an excellent, thorough, comprehensive presentation. Attendees have told me that your presentation was one of the best they've ever seen at an ICAA convention and we've been doing this for 19 years. Hats off to you! You were excellent!
Michael Kwart - Executive Director, Insulation Contractors Association