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Erin Stafford, Healthcare burnout, Engagement, Peak Performance/Personal Growth, Peak Performance Erin Stafford, Healthcare burnout, Engagement, Peak Performance/Personal Growth, Peak Performance
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Erin Stafford

High-energy, hyper-growth business leader helping people beat burnout and sustain peak performance

About Erin Stafford

Erin Stafford is a marketing guru, burnout survivor and hyper-growth business leader. From working with the world's highest achievers throughout her 20+ year career, being a Type A poster child herself and interviewing Olympians, start-up founders, Fortune 500 CEOs, leading researchers and celebrity coaches, Erin has seen firsthand how Type A personalities and constant over-achievement are coveted in the world of business yet can lead to debilitating burnout. Now, in addition to her current ...

Sensational! Erin's magnetic personality coupled with her candid storytelling and practical tips genuinely moved the needle in helping our team become more balanced leaders dedicated to reaching their peak potential.

Nick Rimedio, General Manager - Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Erin's energy is infectious. No matter what stage she's on, she draws in the audience with her unique and inspiring perspective. She uses humor, practical tools and her diverse background to resonate with leaders.

Ursula Williams, Chief Operating Officer - SIA

Erin's presentation was excellent. I'm leaving today with renewed energy, ideas and enthusiasm. Erin's five mindset shifts are going to have a HUGE impact on our organization moving forward.

Kelly Fitzjarrell, President - Metabolic Maintenance

Incredible! Thank you so very much for sharing your story and being so vulnerable. I held back tears because so much of it resonated with me and I knew the impact you were making on the room. A true inspiration!

Kara Barngrover, Vice President, Credentialing & Compliance - Aya Healthcare

Your presentation was so moving! I wanted to come give you a hug afterwards. You are such a talented speaker. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for a great conference!

Director of Strategy & Client Partnerships - Cynet Health

Her transparency is so relatable. Definitely have some takeaways to bring back to my team.

HR Leader - Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare
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