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Don Peppers, Customer Service NSB, business, change, Customer Relationships, customer service, internet, Relationships, Strategy, international, Vision Don Peppers, Customer Service NSB, business, change, Customer Relationships, customer service, internet, Relationships, Strategy, international, Vision

Don Peppers Speech Topics

Trustability: Why You Must, How You Will, and Why Your CFO Will Love It

A Full-Day Workshop

A lot of traditional, widely accepted and perfectly legal business practices just can’t be trusted by customers and will soon become extinct, driven to dust by rising levels of transparency and increasing consumer demand for fair treatment, and competitive pressure. Any...

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How to Improve Consumer Loyalty

A Full-Day Workshop

Customer loyalty is a misunderstood and abused marketing idea that has by now lost nearly all connection to business reality. We all know that having loyal customers must be beneficial to a business. And as customers ourselves, we know what it means to be loyal to our...

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How to Create Customer Advocates (B2C)

A Half-Day Workshop

Consumers no longer rely principally on advertising to learn about products and services they might want. Instead, they seek out information online – not just from a brand itself, but from third-party review sites, subject matter experts they find online, and their own social...

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• Business Competition, Future Tense
Technology is raising customer expectations, and now you’re competing with Amazon, Apple, JetBlue, and Amex. Four strategies for succeeding in the transparent future.

• The Omnichannel Myth
99% of companies that say they’re “omnichannel” aren’t. Three...

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• Four Ways to Avoid “Post-Disruption Stress Disorder”
PDSD has plagued more than one business, from Kodak to Blockbuster, and from Apple to IBM. Four strategies for beating the next disruption in your own category.

• Customer Trust as a Disruptive Innovation
How to out-do your competitors by...

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• Proactive Trustworthiness is the New Black
New technology drives new expectations. You need a new strategy, good for 2017 and beyond. Grow profitably and stay competitive with Extreme Trust. Four tasks to do so.

• Do Your Customers Trust You? Should They? And Do You Trust Them?
If somebody...

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• What is the Value of a Better Customer Experience?
How to map the CX, improve it, profit from it. How does it help us and help our customers? Why is “customer journey mapping” exactly what’s needed now?

• The Customer Dashboard
How to measure your success with customers. Metrics needed to drive...

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Balancing Work, Life, and Getting Where You Deserve to Be
Take it from a woman who has advanced degrees, a history of professional leadership in corporate America and entrepreneurial ventures, and has raised a family while traveling on six continents.It ain’t easy, but you can do it for fun and...

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• Customer Advocacy: Recruiting Your Best Customers to the Sales Team
The pinnacle of Customer Success Management is customer advocacy. How to create emotional, human bonds with customers, at scale, and leapfrog your competitors to own the category.

• Customer Success: Competing for Sales in the...

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• Managing a Successful Customer-Centric Transformation
The key isn’t technology or data or policy. All these things are table stakes. The key lies in the culture of your employees. How to improve and maintain your corporate culture.

• Self-Organizing Your Way to Competitive Success
When a...

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• Empowered Consumers? Or Digitally Augmented Humans?
Today’s consumers have digital super powers undreamed of even a decade ago, but affection, trust, and genuine loyalty can’t be automated, and will never be outdated.

• Digital Connections, Emotional Engagement
Customer satisfaction doesn’t...

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• Customer Loyalty: What, How, and Why
What it means to “loyalize” your customers, how to do so, why it’s worth the money, and three important obstacles that must be overcome.

• Using Customer Loyalty to Make Better Short-Term Decisions
The customer’s memory is the most reliable link between the...

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• Preparing for the Next Great CX Innovations and Challenges In:
Banking and Insurance
Travel and Hospitality

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Full Day Executive Seminar: Maximizing Your

Customers are a scarce resource--finite in number, and expensive to replace. So it is vital to create the most value possible from the customers on hand, including any new customers coming in to the franchise. Unfortunately, because companies do not measure their Return on Customer and aren't...

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High Demand Presentation: Applying 1to1 Customer Insights to New Product Development and Launch

A high proportion of new products & services bomb because they misjudge the customers' needs. That means a high proportion of your marketing budget is poured into failures. We've all seen them. In fact, you may even have been responsible for one or two yourself that you'd rather forget. In...

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High-Demand Presentation: Customer Orientation & Business Ethics: Joined at the Hip

A company that fully embraces genuine value creation will inevitably become the customer-oriented, striving to understand and adopt the different perspectives of cutomers themselves. Putting yourself in the role of a customer, in order to better understand your own business, is virtually the same...

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Keynote Session: Business Ethics: How to Succeed in a Cut-Throat World and Still Sleep at Night

You might think that it's easy to tell right from wrong in business. But that isn't true. Few business ethics issues present themselves in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Anyone making real business decisions is likely to come face to face with a variety of ethical dilemmas. It's often easy to...

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Keynote Session: Customer Satisfaction for Fun and Profit

Customers are not on-off switches. They are volume dials. In this one-hour seminar, based on the international bestseller The One to One Future, you are asked what it really means to have truly satisfied customers. Satisfied customers will come back for more and more. They will be more likely to...

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Keynote Session: Customer Value is the Key to Long-Term Shareholder Value

The next phase of the customer revolution is to translate customer value into shareholder value. You'll be shown why the only true measure of a company's performance is how many customers it has, the amount of money it is able to earn from those customers and how each of these indicators change...

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Keynote Session: Maximizing Your Value

Most business executives today would agree that a company's value is closely related to the value of its customers--that is, the sum total of lifetime values in the current and future customer base. Customers are the scarce resource for a business. They are hard to acquire, costly to lose and...

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Keynote Session: Profiting from Better Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are more important today than ever before. Web sites, call centers, automated sales forces--every type of business now has technology that enables it to treat different customers differently. So how do you earn a profit from this? How can you develop and maintain...

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Keynote Session: Taking the Customer's Perspective. Really Now.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. helped kick off the relationship revolution a decade ago with the landmark first book, The One to One Future. In the years since, along with authoring five more books, the Peppers & Rogers Group management-consulting firm has converted "one to one" from a...

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Visionary Presentation/Strategic Future of CRM Defined: Real Impact: Achieving a Return on Customers

There is a new star by which you need to steer your business: the impact of activity on customer value. Every management decision you take should be made with an eye on this new star. Drawing on the experiences of real-life organizations he has worked with and studied, best-selling author,...

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