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Froglogic - Navy SEAL Motivation
How acting, thinking and feeling like a Navy SEAL can help you and your team succeed. After 20 years of exploring the human condition around the world, David has discovered several undeniable truths about how people function under stress and what it takes to overcome adversity and persevere in the face of fear. Based on over 20 years of intense personal experience and in-depth research, David has extrapolated the very best attributes of the Special Operations community and delivers these concepts in a highly energetic, emotional and entertaining way so you and your team can begin operating at the peak of your performance.

The Missions included:
1.Embrace Fear
2.Forging Self-Confidence
3.Team Life
4.Live With Purpose

Forging Self-Confidence
Life has proven the perpetual need to fortify your personal and professional Self-Confidence if you hope to succeed in the combat of life. Due to the constant war being waged by the Negative Insurgency, individual and team confidence is under constant bombardment. Navy SEALs are some of the most confident human beings on the planet due to their life-changing training regimen and total commitment to each other. David helps audiences explore the psychology of SEAL Training and outlines a clear way for his audience to forge their Self-Confidence during the everyday chaos of life's challenges.

The Missions include:
1.Have a Positive Attitude
2.Physical Training and Live Healthy
3.Motivate Yourself and Others
4.Earn Respect
5.Set Goals
6.Live With Integrity
8.Have Fun

Team Life
The greatest truth life teaches us all is that nobody succeeds alone. Every great individual in history has required a comprehensive commitment toward living a team oriented-lifestyle in order to achieve elite levels of success. Not many teams are greater than the SEAL Teams. The Brotherhood thrives on this elite standard of performance. Forged on the battlefields and in blood, listen as David helps his audiences redefine their personal and professional concepts of what living the Team Life means to them.

The Missions include:

Additionally, in this powerful talk, David profiles four Navy SEAL Congressional Medal of Honor stories to help illustrate the critical importance of functioning as a team to achieve never before imagined levels of personal and professional success.

Embrace Fear
What is the number one thing that stops you and your team from taking risk and elevating your performance? FEAR. Fear is widely recognized as the primary limiting factor in human success. Due to certain physiological and behavioral realities, Fear can never be defeated. However, Navy SEALs have mastered the ability to operate with it by learning how to embrace their fears in order to utilize it as an explosive factor in their elite operational, training, and lifestyle performance. David spent 15 years personally exploring fear and 1- years researching fear to create this profound speech which helps audiences begin to embrace their fear.

The Missions include:
1.Search for The Truth
2.Accept Your Reality
3.Retrain Your Brain
4.Test Yourself
5.Live with Courage

Live With Purpose
One of the most difficult challenges in life is to live with purpose. It's the essence of our intrinsic drive and ability to succeed. Without a purpose, we are lost. In this riveting, emotionally charged Navy SEAL Motivational Training event, David helps audiences to discover their purpose in life. In this powerful talk, he introduces his audiences to 5 Missions designed to help individuals and teams begin living with purpose.

The Missions include:
1.Search for Purpose
2.Train with Purpose
3.Money Can't Buy Purpose
4.The Purpose of Failure
5.Have Faith in your Purpose

Forging An Elite Team Culture
There are few teams or organizations that have a more focused and elite culture than the Navy SEAL Teams. Defining culture is proving to be one of the most challenging processes of the modern era. Companies, organizations and teams are constantly trying to assess, develop, adapt and implement new cultural definitions that improve individual performance, team identity and increase group cohesion. In this insightful and entertaining talk, David helps companies and teams understand how to build culture based on the principles of elite performances and teams.

David explains how the SEAL Teams and other Special Operations Forces develop their culture to achieve incredible victories on the battlefield, as well as deal with tragic losses off the field. He then outlines how your organization can adjust to the modern cultural challenges by exposing your team to his incredible discoveries related to his 20 years of experiencing and building elite team culture.

Forging Self-Confidence "Hammer Session"
This one-of-a-kind motivational performance is one of the most powerful events you will ever see. Using volunteers provided by your company, David unleashes a Navy SEAL style physical and mental "Hammer Session" on the partic-ipants while delivering his Forging Self-Confidence talk. This performance-style event is designed to help audiences fully understand the power of human perseverance in any environment. On a specially designed stage, David "ham mers home" the self-confidence required to make it through the hardest military training on the planet, Basic Underwa ter Demolition SEAL Training or BUDS. This talk requires special planning, stage requirements, set design, and is set at a higher rate.

Offensive Mindset - Tactical Training
Are you looking to achieve an Offensive Mindset? In this incredibly unique event, David combines a motivational speech with tactical training. He introduces audiences to the powerful difference between being a victim or survivor. David explores the psychology of combat and introduces a small group to the elite concepts behind SEAL Training. Spend a half or full day listening to David's many years of expertise and learn to shoot like an Operator.

Half-Day Froglogic Seminar
The half-day seminar allows for more interactive involvement with the Froglogic Concept. In addition to any one of the four Froglogic speeches, David will conduct break-out sessions to help your team integrate the Froglogic Concept into your operational culture. The addition of the team-focused break-out sessions using physical and mental Navy SEAL training techniques creates an atmosphere of "special operations" focus and teaches your teams the necessity of embracing fear and erasing comfort zone behavior.

Full Day Froglogic Seminar
This amazing full day seminar enables companies to immerse their personnel into the high energy, high impact world of David Rutherford and his Navy SEAL Motivational Training program. In this 12 step proven performance program David inspires audiences to Forge Self-Confidence and then teaches them to Live The Team Life. David starts the event with his Forging Self-Confidence "Hammer Session" talk, quickly followed by an hour Q&A to explore how to integrate Froglogic into the company's culture and enhance performance. After lunch David gives his highly emotional talk called Team Life where he highlights 4 Medal of Honor stories from the SEAL Teams. This talk is again followed with an explosive breakout session where David discusses the psychology of SEAL training and combat to enhance team cohesion on your team. The day is finished with an exciting "all hands on deck" team challenge that instills profound new confidence in the whole company. HOOYAH

Adventure Operations Group "Intensive Leadership Training Program"
The Adventure Operations Group's mission is to introduce elite professionals within their perspective industries to the Special Operations Focus in order to ignite higher levels of physical, mental and spiritual function in extreme environ-ments. Using training principals from all the special operations groups and mission planning concepts translated from the battlefield to the boardroom, AOG uses experiential education platforms to train the country's top performers on how to elevate their physiological and psychological abilities to the next level. These customized courses will bring your management teams into the 21st century of special operations focus and capabilities.


David is living out his dream as an internationally known motivational personality. His goal is to reach 10 million people in 10 years with his Navy SEAL Motivational Training concepts titled Froglogic. David has quickly risen to become one of the most exciting and impactful keynote speakers in the world averaging over 60 events a year with the world's top companies. His high energy, entertaining approach for inspiring individuals and teams to Forge Self-Confidence, Live the Team Life, Embrace Fear and Live With Purpose ignites audiences to live life to its fullest and begin performing at an elite level.

David served honorably for 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare community as a SEAL Student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. He participated in thousands of high-risk training evolutions and conducted clandestine operations in South East Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. After leaving the SEAL Teams David continued to hone his skills by serving as an International Training Expert for one of the country's largest private security companies and for the US Government as a Security Protection Specialist. David has trained commandos and government employees around the world to push themselves past all limitations. David's masterful ability to motivate inspires people from all walks of life to defeat the Negative Insurgency and achieve success in every environment imaginable.

David motivates people around the world as a top motivational speaker, author for kids and adults, radio show host, behavioral training specialist, YouTube per sonality, private performance coach, social media presence, charity volunteer and mentor for young men. His uniquely high-impact and emotional style of speaking, writing and coaching helps all types of people gain a Navy SEAL style focus to wards higher performance physically, mentally and spiritually. He combines his 20 years of exploring the human condition with over 70 years of UDT/SEAL opera tions, training doctrine and elite performance to create the Froglogic Concepts. In the past 9 years David has reached