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"Blake spoke to our entire staff. Her presentation clearly showed her understanding of the overall customer journey. She utilized examples outside of the aviation industry and made them relevant to airports overall. It was extremely evident that Blake did her homework about Southern California's Ontario International Airport. Her expertise, knowledge, and ability to connect with our entire staff was valuable and left a profound impact on our organization."
Atif Elkadi - Deputy CEO, Ontario International Airport
Blake delivered an impactful speech on customer experience to our senior leadership team. She left us with inspiring ideas we could apply to our own manufacturing business.
Mark Anzelc, VP Supply Chain - Parker Hannifin
Blake was the keynote speaker for our conference in Norway. She was a pleasure to work with, delivered the presentation with a high level of professionalism, and received outstanding feedback from conference attendees. I would absolutely recommend Blake as an international speaker and will be happy to work together again in the future.
Kristina Haug - Project Manager, Tekna
When it comes to customer experience Blake is a true leader in the space. She is an engaging, insightful, and fun speaker and I highly recommend her for your next event.
Charlie Isaacs, CTO Customer Connection - Salesforce
Blake has a unique ability to take a complex topic such as how technology is re-shaping the customer experience and break it down for audiences to easily understand and implement. There is a lot of terminology being thrown around today in relation to customer service: digital transformation, machine learning, automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Blake makes sense of it all while taking the audience on a journey of what it takes to build the right customer experience for your business! She did a fantastic job presenting at InsurCon2018.
Matt Banaszynski, CEO - Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
Customer experience is a critical business opportunity, but it can be challenging for employees to understand and act on. Blake really brought this topic to life with a compelling and entertaining presentation for my leadership team. She spurred some great team thinking and discussions.
Donna Morris, Chief People Officer - Walmart
Blake is a passionate and well versed speaker on the topic of Customer Experience. She did a great job at the ePayResources Executive Payments Summit in 2017 painting a picture of the importance of a winning customer experience leveraging examples that resonated with our attendees.
Peter Davey, VP, Payment Innovation - The Clearing House
Blake was one of our experts on a recent webinar on customer experience. Blake lives and breathes customer experience. She's a storyteller at heart and engages audiences with great examples of customer experiences from both the consumer and employee's standpoint. Blake stays ahead of the latest customer engagement trends, is easy to work with, and approaches projects proactively with rigor and enthusiasm.
Lisa Pintchman, VP Corporate Communications - Pegasystems Inc
Blake's belief that companies should use empathy to make customer-centricity a key tenet of their business strategy hits the larger industry issue of poor customer service on the head. Today, many companies have trouble retaining customers because they do not put enough thought into what the customer experience is truly like for consumers. I highly recommend her DOMORE framework for creating better customer experiences.
Gina Perini, President & CEO - Somos, Inc.