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Bear Grylls Text Reviews

Bear Gryll's talk stands out as the highlight of the conference--so sincere, so amazing, an inspiration to us all in all parts of our lives... an ordinary person with that big bit "extra," as he would say.


You had a profound impact on all of us . . . privileged to hear your story . . .

CEO of Servier Plc

Your presentation clearly revealed just how much of the real challenge lies with conquering personal fears and having the courage to make the right judgments in exceptionally difficult circumstances. It is a very moving and human story.


It was extremely interesting and very poignant, so many things that the lay person is not aware of in achieving such amazing goals. Our guests found it fascinating and made reference to it time and time again during conversations yesterday.

Morgan Stanley

I have spoken to many people who were there and they were all hugely impressed by your story and the passion that you showed in telling it. I myself was absolutely fascinated, but unfortunately have spent the time since worrying about how dull my life is.

Ernst & Young

He was really effective on the night, spoke about the strength of a well functioning team and the ability to achieve what seems to be impossible dreams with motivation, clarity of objectives and support.

BAE Systems

Thanks very much again for a great after dinner speech--I have already had very positive feedback from so many at RBS this morning. Everyone loved you!


What a privilege to share some of those immensely moving moments you went through on Everest--your personality, the emotion, and that key message of always giving that little bit extra, will stay with us all for a very long time. Thank you Bear.

J Walker, CEO - Daimler Chrysler Finance

I have never had such a positive reaction to a guest speaker before, the team were simply enthralled . . . an inspiration to all who listened! Somehow you still managed to make the challenges we face in our jobs relevant on a personal level to yours.

Coca Cola Enterprises

Bear was exceptionally well-received by the audience; we thought he scored 10 out of 10


Your talk went down extremely well with all of our audience. I received special thank you letters from the Chief Executives saying that your speech was the most entertaining we have had to date. One of the best speakers we've had in years.


Thank you so much for speaking at our annual conference; it was a privilege to hear you speak. The delegates were inspired listening to the remarkable experiences of your epic journey. You deserved the standing ovation, congratulations.

NSA Limited

He was the best speaker we've had by far, a real star. I only wish that we had booked him to speak for longer. He made every delegate feel that he knew them personally and joined in with our team games with such enthusiasm.