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Antwone Fisher

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In his lecture, Antwone Fisher recounts the gripping story of his tumultuous childhood, his stormy years of self-discovery, and his astonishing path to extraordinary success. With his early years so challenged they could be mistaken for fiction, Antwone captivates his audience and imparts thought-provoking lessons that are poignant and inspiring.

Antwone Quenton Fisher was born in prison to his teenage mother. He became a ward of the state of Ohio and was placed in a loving home, but it ...

Mr. Fisher shared his heart-wrenching story, which quieted the audience as every person listened to and attentively awaited his every word. Though his story was filled with many tumultuous events, Mr. Fisher was very entertaining, delightful yet impactful

University of Nebraska-Omaha

Antwone received a standing ovation from the room that included housing providers, mental health providers, public health and social service professionals, child development staff, policymakers, and homeless youth.

Family Housing Fund, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Fisher made a tremendous impact on our audience. His compassion and sincerity resonated throughout the pavilion. He gave each person a reason to dream, hope and persevere through the most difficult of situations.

New Horizon Center, Milwaukee, WI
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