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Allan Karl

Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker

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About Allan Karl

World traveler, adventurer, photographer, philosopher, author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Allan Karl inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles and smile in the face of adversity. And he should know. Allan spent nearly three years riding around the world on a motorcycle.

Along the way, on a muddy dirt road miles from anywhere and 14,000 feet high in the Andes of Bolivia, Allan broke his leg in three places. But this didn't stop him. After a lengthy and ...

Allan's approach to storytelling, which is timed perfectly to compelling video, photos and animations--is one that inspires the audience to challenge the status quo and the common perceptions of ambition, security and belief.

Tom Adamski, President/CEO - LEVEL Studios

Allan inspires and motivates on all counts with a wonderfully delivered presentation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to inspire, motivate or entertain any audience.

Gary Orr - San Diego BMW

Mr. Karl's story opens the mind, stirs the body and excites the soul. Within the first 60 seconds, the audience is enraptured in a well-honed presentation, perfectly timed with multimedia for maximum impact.

Gary Penn - Quicksilver

I've seen Allan speak on two occasions. Once at BMW and the other at the Apple Inc. headquarters. Both times I came away with great inspirations and a renewed perspective on the world. Allan has a real gift for delivering messages of hope and quest.

Mark Dubresson

A successful entrepreneur w/ a proven track record of starting multi-million dollar businesses, a subject matter expert in branding and strategic marketing, adventurist, author, photographer, philanthropist, amazing inspirational speaker.

S.Z. - Irvine, CA
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