Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan NSB, leadership, community, workplace culture, personal development, employee empowerment, Entrepreneurship Alex Banayan NSB, leadership, community, workplace culture, personal development, employee empowerment, Entrepreneurship
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Alex Banayan

Author of the #1 international bestseller The Third Door and Expert on exponential growth, perseverance, and high performance

About Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan is the youngest bestselling business author in American history. He’s one of the world’s leading experts on the mindset of success and a renowned keynote speaker at organizations including Apple, Nike, Google, Mastercard, Salesforce, IBM, and Disney. His book, The Third Door, is an international bestseller and has been translated into seventeen languages. The book chronicles Banayan’s unprecedented journey interviewing Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Larry King, Jane Goodall, ...

The feedback about Alex Banayan's keynote has been off the charts. It was an outstanding event! Alex knocked it out of the park!

Andy Sieg, President - Merrill Lynch

Banayan is one of the most professional and polished speakers I've worked with. And his talk couldn't have gone better. His stories were enthralling, his insights were incredibly tangible and his message was spot on.

Megan Green, Head of Google Play Business Development - Google

After Banayan's keynote at Disney, we sent out a survey to all the attendees. I must say, it was the feedback we've ever received from any speaker. Hands down.

LaurieAllred, Head of Y@DCP - Disney

When Alex Banayan spoke at my department's off-site, his energy was contagious, his stories were inspiring, and his ideas pushed my team's leadership. If you're looking for someone with insight and passion, then Banayan is your man.

Jesse Stollak, VP of Football Marketing - Nike

The speech was an absolute home run. And it changed my life.

Brad Smith, CEO - Intuit

The crowd was buzzing for the entire rest of the day after Alex Banayan's keynote. His energy and enthusiasm struck a chord with every one of us. I'm so grateful that he joined us- I couldn't imagine a better outcome!

Community Director - WeWork
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