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Got problem students? Here's immediate help.

Your staff name the problems, Ruth Herman Wells will deliver immediate answers. A veteran trainer, author, and counselor, Ruth will turbo-charge your staff's skills, providing hundreds of state-of-the-art, more effective interventions for classroom management problems, defiance, poor motivation, bad behavior, truancy, work refusal, gangs, apathy, dropping out, ADD, Asperger's, depression, and delinquency.

If your staff's training prepared them for Beaver Cleaver, but you have Bevis and Butthead showing up, Ruth Wells will update your team's skills to fit contemporary students. If your staff feels that "nothing works" to control some youngsters, Ruth has your solutions. If your staff are frustrated by work refusers, apathy, bad attitudes, and disrespect, Ruth's workshop can solve it all.

Ruth Herman Wells M.S. and her program, Youth Change has been training youth professionals throughout North America for almost 20 years. Youth Change provides information-packed on-site inservice workshops, and emotional keynotes. Youth Change also publishes many books, ebooks, and DVDs, all designed to deliver the newest and fastest solutions for the "worst" kid problems.

Youth Change director Ruth Wells' work has been featured in the Portland Oregonian, Orlando Sentinel, Child Welfare Report, Adolescence Magazine and in countless other publications. Ruth is the author of more than 20 books including Temper and Tantrum Tamers. She has written dozens of articles on how to turnaround problem and troubled youth and children. Ruth has trained thousands of teachers, counselors, mental health therapists, special ed teachers, and youth professionals throughout North America for approximately two decades. Ruth has helped create and manage many model youth programs including independent living, day treatment, mental health, juvenile justice and secure programs. She is a popular keynote and featured speaker at national conferences, counseling, and education events, but is probably best known for her surprising, information-packed workshops that are often standing-room-only. Teachers and other youth professionals routinely brave snow storms, cancelled flights, and even winter power outages to attend her workshops and events. Participants routinely travel from as far away as Australia, Japan and Africa to attend Ruth's practical, one-of-a-kind workshops.

Youth Change was created in the late 1980's to respond to the demand for training and resource materials as more and more youth professionals discovered that their college training had not sufficiently prepared them for the ever-more-serious problems they were seeing in their schools and agencies. These methods were not developed in an office far away from actual children, but in schools, day treatment programs, special ed classes, juvenile corrections sites, and residential treatment settings just like yours. Youth Change and Ruth Wells provide real-world answers for real-world problems, not more theory, but ready-to-use solutions that can prevent or manage the problems that contemporary youth present.

Veteran trainer Ruth Wells has your solutions. Ruth's workshops and keynotes will make working with difficult kids less difficult.