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This workshop needs to be given to all teachers and administrators today. This workshop needs to taught to college students in teacher/counselor ed classes. The information is honest and hopeful and the skills are a gift. Thank you!
Marti Birch, Counselor - New Lebanon School District
Great workshop. I learned a lot that I can use. So many offer only theory not actual things you can use.
Terry Homes, Teacher - Harrisburg High School
Wonderful! Life changing! Worth my time, money and flight.
Cynthia Shamburger, At-Risk Youth Program Coordinator - 4-H At-Risk Program
Best bang for my buck ever.
Deborah Young, Behavior Specialist - Sacramento Office of Education
Coming to this workshop has given me a whole new set of tools for dealing with my students and providing direction for my staff. It was worth every minute of my limited time.
Jerry Brown, Principal - Bishop Spaugh Academy
Day 1: 5-1/2 hours in L.A. freeway gridlock to get 5 hours of class. Day 2: I returned despite the traffic. Your information and teaching style brought me back!! Thank you.
Judi Hynan, School Counselor - Westside Union School District
4 years ago I took a group of teachers to your workshop. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I gained a new understanding of the students I work with and now share your strategies as part of my new teacher training each year.
Kristi McCuston, Vice-Principal - Houston Middle School
I have a whole new way to look at my special ed students. This is a very powerful workshop for educators.
Ronald Knauel - Liberty Charter School
I loved the way you tailored the interventions to the type of student. It was refreshing to finally attend a workshop where the presenter actually presented and didn't fill the workshop with touchy feely activities with little or no relevance.
Sally MacAfee, Coordinator of Alternative Education - Corvallis School District
Most interesting, useful workshop I've ever been to.
Physllis Eccles, Teacher - Hillsboro Elementary School
Instructor stuffed full of practical, immediately usable ideas.
Arthur Fox, Teacher - Whitworth Elementary School
I learned more in 2 days than in 4 years of college.
Stuart Swenson, Director - Adolescent Youth Services
So many good ideas that I couldn't write fast enough.
Diana Iborg, Teacher - Troy Middle School