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Wayne Root teaches what being an entrepreneur is all about . . .
Charles Schwab, Chairman & CEO - The Charles Schwab Corporation
Wayne's . . . the Warren Buffett of his world.
James J. Cramer, CNBC Host - Host of "Mad Money"
Wayne Allyn Root's (advice) should be required reading in every business school in America. And Wayne's wisdom may be even more important to the 100 million or so employees in corporate America hopeful of achieving the "American Dream."
Ronald L. Loveless, Former Assistant to the President of Wal*Mart - Former Senior V.P., General Manager, Sam's Clubs
As a former 2-time AFC Coach of the Year, I've designed many winning game plans in my career. Wayne Allyn Root has designed a winning game plan for anyone in business. He is the entrepreneurs' entrepreneur. His passion is contagious.
Ron Meyer, Former NFL Head Coach - New England Patriots & Indianapolis Colts
Wayne takes you through a full range of emotions as he tells the story of his quest for success and the obstacles he had to face. The highlight of this excellent presentation was the ending, which had most of his audience in tears.
Joe Sugarman, Chairman - BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation
Wayne Root is perhaps the best I've ever heard. Whether he's talking about business, success, personal empowerment, or politics, Wayne gives audiences the jolt of their lives. He is a human dynamo . . . a walking, talking Energizer Bunny.
Douglas Miller - Corporate Executive, CEO, COO, CFO
Libertarian Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root is the last great hope for America.
Mancow Muller, Nationally Syndicated Host - The Mancow Show
I make movies for a living. I understand the art of entertainment. Wayne entertains, educates, motivates and empowers like no speaker I've ever seen. It's no wonder that Wayne's speeches always end with STANDING OVATIONS.
Roger Harrison, Movie Producer - "The Chosen" and "Cousins"
Wayne Allyn Root is the most dynamic communicator of any third party Presidential candidate ever. I've interviewed all the major party candidates--I believe that Wayne can out-speak, out-debate and out-shine all of them.
Al Rantel, Host - KABC Radio, Los Angeles
Wayne's success is mind-blowing . . . talking to Wayne Allyn Root is like talking to Tony Robbins.
FOX News - Las Vegas
Wayne Allyn Root is one of my favorite guests. He is loud, colorful, opinionated, often outrageous and controversial. He isn't afraid to state his opinions on anything and everything. Unfortunately I haven't found any I agree with.
Bill Maher, Host - HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher"
If Hollywood had gone to 'Central Casting' they could not have come up with a more perfect Libertarian Presidential candidate than Wayne Allyn Root!
Rudy Ruettiger - Inspiration for Hollywood Blockbuster Movie "Rudy!"
Pugnacious, tenacious, outrageous and ultimately American politics' answer to Joe DiMaggio, Bill Gates and, oh yes, P.T. Barnum wrapped into one! No guest has ever been more charismatic, charming, controversial, colorful, or opinionated.
Chet Coppock, Host - ESPN Radio Chicago, Notre Dame & Chicago Bears Pre-Game Shows
Wayne Allyn Root is the very definition of true blue American political hero--from S.O.B. (son of a butcher) to Presidential candidate. I know he's the right man for the job because I've known him for almost 30 years--I was his High School principal!
Douglas E. Fleming Jr., Headmaster - Thornton Donovan School, New Rochelle, New York
I am impressed with his enthusiasm, passion and boundless energy for freedom. I'm excited about putting those attributes to work on behalf of all Americans who believe in liberty, freedom and the rights of the individual.
Phil Gordon - Entrepreneur, Professional poker player, Author, Philanthropist, TV Commentator for ESPN & Bravo
He is certainly one of a kind--outspoken, dynamic, charismatic, Libertarian, Columbia University-educated, S.O.B. (son of a butcher), professional Las Vegas gambler and oddsmaker for President. Now this we couldn't make up in Hollywood!
Warren Zide, Movie Producer - "American Pie" and "Final Destination"
There is a formula for success. Superachievers are not born; they are made. Wayne Root defines the principles that create superachievers.
Mac Anderson, CEO - Successories
Wayne is simply the most exciting, dynamic, entertaining, informed, and passionate public speaker I have seen in over 20 years of public affairs, economics/business, and legal/political work.
Larry Greenfield, Vice President - The Claremont Institute
He was highly engaging and entertaining. I must say, what really surprised me was the seriousness and dedication with which he approached the event. He came early to meet with us, rehearse, review any last-minute instructions.
Ellen Golden, Executive Vice President - GCI Group
I've been around some of the greatest entertainers in Hollywood for several decades now. Wayne Root is a great performer too. But it isn't entertainment he's selling-- it's EMPOWERMENT!"
Bill Asher, Award-winning Television and Motion Picture Director - "I Love Lucy," "Bewitched," and "Beach Blanket Bingo"
The key to success in the television world is a creative and fertile imagination. That works in any field. You've got to think big to succeed. Wayne Allyn Root teaches business people to dream big and how to turn those dreams into reality.
Vin DiBona, Creator and Executive Producer - "America's Funniest Home Videos"
Wayne Root is like a great coach. He shows anyone how to be a champion. Wayne's program is a winner!
Vlade Divac, Former NBA Star - LosAngeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings
The quality of one's life is determined by how well he/she deals with adversity. Adversity &challenge are faced by the very rich, the very poor, and everyone in between. Wayne teaches anyone the skills necessary to overcome challenges and excel at life.
John Lucas, former NBA All Star and former NBA Head Coach - San Antonio Spurs and Philadelphia 76ers
Move over Michael Moore. Move over Hannity & Colmes. There's a new king of political crossfire. He's Wayne Allyn Root. He'll take the nation by storm. He has a heart, he's witty and smart . . . (Washington) D.C. will never be the same!
Richard Pollock, Former Chief Washington D.C. Producer - ABC's "Good Morning America"
Wayne Allyn Root's message: practice discipline, teamwork, tenacity and personal responsibility to succeed. It's an empowering message . . .
Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi - Former Chairman of Republican National Committee
He is that rare talent that can speak knowledgeably and dynamically about a wide variety of topics. Wayne blended a unique presentation that was part entertainment; part Las Vegas tourism points of interest; part "Lessons from The King of Vegas."
Jerry Weller, Former Congressman (R-Illinois) - Assistant House Majority Whip, Ways and Means Committee, International Relations Committee
Wayne Root's speech was the single best speech I've ever heard in my life. His message resonates because he IS his message. To his core, Wayne knows who he is, what he believes in, and how the powerful truths he speaks will impact the lives of others.
Kip Herriage - Wealth Masters International
Opportunity is knocking, and Wayne Root will show you how to seize it. He knows how to be tenacious and relentless and how to win!"
Donald J. Trump, Chairman - The Trump Organization
My grandfather, B.C. Forbes, who founded the publication that bears his name, particularly admired what he called "stick-to-it-iveness." Wayne Allyn Root demonstrates how to apply that crucial characteristic to all aspects of your life in order to achieve well rounded success.
Steve Forbes, Chairman - Forbes Media