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The Arab Spring and Iran in 2013: Where to?"

In a master lecture at the Institute of World Politics IWP, Professor Walid Phares projected the state of the Arab Spring for 2013. Phares, who has been teaching Middle East studies since 1992 in Florida and Washington and who has authored a dozen books on the region in multiple languages, has...

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Phares on FBC: "Benghazi's facts were blocked to avoid a larger discussion on US policy in Libya and the Arab Spring"

In an interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel Dr Walid Phares, author of 'The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East" said: "The Administration said after the attack in Banghazi we didn't know what was happening, who was behind it and what were their motives. But...

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Phares to "Real News": Copts and liberals are shocked by US partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood"

In an interview with 'Real News' on Blaze TV, Dr Walid Phares, author of 'The Confrontation: Winning the War against Future Jihad' said "a majority of Egyptians is not Islamist but a strong ideological minority of Brotherhood and Salafists controls the political microphone, including media and...

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Other Topics
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  • The Secular Reformists In The Middle East: Our New Hope?
  • The Iranian Threat and Hezbollah
  • The Syrian Civil War
  • Egypt and The Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Arab Israeli Conflict and The Gaza Hamas Wars
  • Al Qaeda and The Taliban
  • US Foreign Policy
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